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Traveling is a wonderful experience that makes us enjoy many different ways. There are a thousand reasons to travel: to know new countries and cultures, to practice sports, to visit the family, to make a dreamed adventure come true or simply to rest in paradisiacal places. Every trip is special, and from AXA we want to help you discover new possibilities to enjoy traveling. Let's travel!!



How to Help Your Insurance Help You

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How to Help Your Insurance Help You

21 August 2019



We always travel with the idea that nothing unfortunate can happen to us, which is not false. Of course, people mostly have a good time and enjoy the adventure. However, sometimes things may not happen as planned. In order to be prepared in case the unexpected happens, it is a good idea to purchase travel insurance. To make the overall experience easier, from selecting a travel protection plan to starting a claim, we recommend you to do the following: 

READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS IN DETAIL: The first thing to do is to carefully read all the documents with terms and conditions before taking out your insurance policy. These documents will tell you what is covered and also what is excluded under the policy. Doing so in advance will help you understand your coverage and give you an opportunity to clarify any doubts with us before you decide to purchase one of our travel protection plans.

CONTACT US: Have at hand your policy number, a piece of paper and a pen to write down any number or information that we give you by phone. If you require assistance, contact the following number: 855-327-1442, then select option number 2 that will transfer you to an agent who will be able to assist you.

DETAIL THE EVENT: Once connected with an agent, you will be asked to provide some information such as the place of the accident, the nature of the emergency, symptoms, location, etc. This information will be used to help assist you and to connect with the appropriate local resources.

INFORMATION IN YOUR HAND: Always have your policy information available, as this will help us identify you, help arrange the necessary assistance and facilitate payment, if available.

BAGGAGE PROBLEMS: If your problem was due to loss or theft of luggage, the first thing you have to do is to approach the airline desk and request the Baggage Irregularity Report.
(PRI), which is required to start the claim (also applies if your luggage is damaged).

Once you have this document, you can contact the same number provided above to start your claim.

With AXA Assistance USA’s travel plans, you are protected with medical, baggage and cancellation coverage that will allow you to enjoy your trip in a relaxed way.. What are you waiting for? Quote your travel protection plan now.

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