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Traveling is a wonderful experience that makes us enjoy many different ways. There are a thousand reasons to travel: to know new countries and cultures, to practice sports, to visit the family, to make a dreamed adventure come true or simply to rest in paradisiacal places. Every trip is special, and from AXA we want to help you discover new possibilities to enjoy traveling. Let's travel!!



Star Wars : Galaxy's Edge Finally Opened at Disneyland!

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Star Wars : Galaxy's Edge Finally Opened at Disneyland!

21 August 2019
Disney's new attraction has finally opened its doors and is ready to receive tourists from all over the world. At AXA Partners US, we want to be with you on all your family adventures and share with you some of the details of this incredible park so that you can enjoy your summer vacation in a fun way.
The opening ceremony was held next to the new park's life-size Millennium Falcon, and special guests including George Lucas, Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker), Harrison Ford (Han Solo) and of course his faithful companion Chewbacca, were there.
Let's remember that this park took five years to build, so the Executive Director of Walt Disney Company, Bob Iger, could not contain his emotions for having achieved the opening of this new attraction. The attraction transports you to the  planet Batuu, where a conflict is lived between the Resistance and the First order, the visitors of the park will be able to be part of the dark side or, of the way of the Jedi.
As mentioned above, the main attractions of the park are, of course:
The Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run where you can fly the incredible Millennium Falcon in the company of five friends or partners 
Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance where you'll be part of a mission as a new Resistance recruit, however, this attraction won't be ready until autumn this year.  
You cannot miss Savi´s Workshop, a workshop hidden within Black Spire Outpost where you can make your own legendary and personalized light saber, choose from unusual parts, legendary crystals, exotic pieces and souvenirs collected in the farthest parts of the Galaxy. (Opening August 29, 2019)
In addition, this park has delicious culinary options like "Oga´s Cantina" which has the best and most exotic drinks in the Galaxy and "Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo" where all tired and hungry travelers will find the most popular dishes prepared by chef Strono "Cookie" Tuggs who is ready to satisfy the appetite of even the most demanding customer in the Galaxy. 
As of June 23, 2019, this park is now open to the public without the necessity to make a reservation, although of course, it is subject to capacity restrictions and for this reason we suggest you get there early.
Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge will also open at Disney World in Orlando, Florida, on August 29, 2019, but do not be discouraged; you can visit this park during your Christmas Holiday. 
We hope this information is useful for your next intergalactic trip, be sure to visit the street markets of Batuu to get the best items and souvenirs of this unforgettable adventure.
At AXA, we want to accompany you on all your adventures so get out of your comfort zone not your safety zone and pack your AXA travel protection plan now.  We offer travel insurance plans in conjunction with travel assistance services to not only help compensate for your covered loss but also to provide support in an emergency



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