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Traveling is a wonderful experience that makes us enjoy many different ways. There are a thousand reasons to travel: to know new countries and cultures, to practice sports, to visit the family, to make a dreamed adventure come true or simply to rest in paradisiacal places. Every trip is special, and from AXA we want to help you discover new possibilities to enjoy traveling. Let's travel!!



Top destinations for an unforgettable cruise

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Top destinations for an unforgettable cruise

21 May 2019


Traveling by cruise ship should be on everyone’s bucket list. It is a perfect combination of relaxing, while having access to 24 hour gyms, spas, bars, casinos, live entertainment, buffets, and pools, just to name a few.


At AXA, we want to highlight a few cruise destinations to help you select the best one for your style of travel.


A cruise allows you to visit several destinations within a short period; sometimes the cities on the itinerary are only accessible by cruise ship. It is important to take into consideration that traveling via cruise ship is an option year round; however, destinations will vary. Here is a list destinations and the perfect time to visit them:


The Caribbean

The most popular cruise destination with also the most cruise companies offering services. Here you can visit a variety of islands within a period of 4 to 30 days. The best time to make this trip is December through May, to avoid the rainy season, hurricanes and tropical storms. During these months, the Caribbean has a spectacular climate, white beaches and turquoise waters. Take this opportunity to learn about new cultures and participate in water activities such as snorkeling and even swimming with dolphins!


North America

The Pacific coast of Canada and Alaska is another favorite destination among travelers. There are three major routes you can choose from to start your trip.  During this adventure, you can enjoy one of the most beautiful wonders of the world: the Glacier Bay National Park with beautiful landscapes, snowy mountains, plenty of wildlife and a culture full of history. For this destination, we suggest the months of July and August, as you will find a more mild climate and it will be easier to observe the animals of this region in action.


Mediterranean Region

On this cruise, you will get to witness the beautiful cities of Europe. From the Greek islands, to Venice, Croatia, Monaco, Spain, Cyprus and even Egypt, depending on which part of the Mediterranean you want to visit. This is a trip we suggest you take during the months of June through September. This trip will be full of culture, delicious cuisine, beautiful sunsets, and plenty of relaxation for all family members.



The cultural diversity, history and people of this destination will make your cruise, without a doubt, an unforgettable one. You will be able to enjoy cities like Bangkok, Singapore, Phnom Penh, Bali, Aomori, among others, where you will get to see exotic lands, Buddhist temples and beautiful beaches. This trip will be a perfect combination of relaxation and spirituality and will provide that push we all need to leave our comfort zone and live a new experience.


South America

This cruise style will provide you with lots of variety. You will be able to visit the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu, the incredible waterfalls of Iguazu, the Chilean fjords and reach the beautiful glaciers of Antarctica. Buzz around and visit modern ports, beautiful cities and an incredible variety of wildlife that will leave you speechless. We suggest you make this trip in the months of October through April to take advantage of the best weather south of the Equator.


We hope this information will help you in planning your trip and remember that at AXA, we encourage you to travel and leave your comfort zone without leaving your safety zone, so GET A QUOTE on your travel protection plan today!


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