File a Claim

Our team of experts are available to you for claims assistance. Wherever you are in the world, AXA Assistance USA is here to provide the claims service you request at the time you need it most.

Before you submit a claim

  1. Contact AXA Assistance USA for emergency medical and travel assistance including any prior arrangements for evacuations and medical repatriations

  2. In the event of theft or loss of property, contact the police or transportation carrier such as the airline immediately to obtain a filed report

  3. Check your policy documents to confirm your coverage details

  4. Review the claim form for supporting documentation required

  5. Contact AXA Assistance USA for any policy and claim questions

Submitting a claim

Claim forms are made available for all your claim needs. Please contact us to start the claim process and obtain a claim form: 


Toll Free (855) 327.1442

Collect (312) 935.1719


How can I contact someone about my claim?

Call Toll Free  (855) 327-1442
Collect             (312) 935-1719