Why get Travel Insurance in Conjunction with Travel Assistance Services? 

Whether it’s simply a weekend getaway with friends or your annual family vacation, be sure you have planned for the what-ifs. Having a travel protection plan can help assure you’re ready for the unexpected. No matter how much thought and planning goes into your vacation, there is always the possibility of unforeseen circumstances that may interrupt your getaway such as a trip cancellation, flight delays, or a medical emergency.


A travel protection plan provides coverage to help protect you in the event the unexpected happens, such as:

  • Days before you are set to leave, your child catches chickenpox! If you cancel your trip entirely, will you be reimbursed for any non-refundable pre-payments and/or deposits? 
  • You arrived in Costa Rica, unfortunately, your luggage did not. If it’s simply delayed, who will reimburse you for your immediate necessities until you retrieve the baggage? Or worse, if the luggage was lost, will you be reimbursed for the replacement of your items? 
  • There has been a family emergency back home and you must interrupt your trip to return. Who will provide reimbursement for your unused portion of the trip?

As part of your travel protection plan, you are also eligible for assistance services:

  • While trekking through Thailand, you slip and fall – injuring your ankle. Do you know who can help you find an English-speaking doctor to have your ankle treated? 
  • An accident has occurred and you need immediate medical care, but adequate medical treatment is unavailable locally. How will you arrange a medical evacuation? Who will cover the cost?
  • You left your prescription medication on the kitchen counter at home and now need to get an emergency prescription filled abroad. Your local doctor can’t give you a new prescription if you are outside of the U.S. Who will assist you in obtaining a new prescription locally?

We all hope to have a smooth vacation without even the smallest incident occurring but – sometimes – things happen. Be prepared for the unexpected with an AXA Assistance USA Travel Protection Plan that’s right for you.


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