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Burgers 'Round the World. We love them!

24 June 2018

Hamburgers are having a global moment, coming out of their fast food shells and popping up in gourmet restaurants and at dedicated festivals in cities all around the world.

From the gourmand to the weird, we took at a look at five burgers that are sure to pique your interest.

Australia. When you think of burgers, you don’t necessarily think of grilled pineapple and beetroot when you think of toppings. That is, unless you’re familiar with Paul’s Famous Hamburgers in Sylvania, Australia. Paul’s has been in business since 1957 and prides itself on representing Australia’s epicurean roots.

This particular burger is actually an Australian staple and also comes with fried egg, bacon, grilled onion, cheese, tomato and lettuce.

Sure, there’s a lot going on in this burger, but most of it’s familiar. In fact, the beetroot – it’s just the taproot of the beet plant – is actually pickled. Who knows? Your taste buds might prefer it over your classic Dill.

Brazil. Brazilians are serious about their meat. So it makes sense that the patty in the signature cheeseburger at Ramona’s in Sao Paulo is cut from the loin, flank and bottom sirloin. The burger is then topped with queijo canastra, a cheese from the Canastra Mountains in Minas Gerais, Brazil, lettuce, tomato, mayo and a fried, sunny side up egg.

The egg yolk makes the burger feel decadent, while the familiar tomato and lettuce make it comfortable…you’re not moving too far out of your American comfort zone if you try this treat.

China. Rrou jia mo, which translates to "meat sandwich," is widely considered the world’s first hamburger…and it came from China (sorry, America).

Stewed pork, beef or lamb is served inside a wheat pita-like pocket – the ‘mo’ – and mixed with a variety of spices.

This is a popular Chinese street food – no reservations required!

Japan. Tokyo restaurants are known for both the quality and presentation of their food. So, it’s no surprise that the city has elevated burgers to gourmet status.

Each burger at Tokyo’s Martiniburger are made from premium beef. Each burger also has a unique personality, much like the New York neighborhoods they’re named after. Take the “Brooklyn”, which comes with mushrooms, Gouda cheese and Béarnaise sauce. Or, the “Little Italy”, which is topped with mozzarella, basil pesto and a spicy ketchup.

Priced at just over $15 each, these burgers pack a lot of unique flavors into every bite.

London. Sweet chilli pigeon burgers, anyone? Anyone? The Rentokil Pestaurant (yes, a pest control company opened a pop-up restaurant) unveiled this, um, interesting option at an event. The company is also responsible for the grasshopper turkey burger. Yum, right?

To be fair, not all Londoners dine on insects and scavenger birds, but the idea that these ‘nuisances’ can be a sustainable food source for our planet is catching on…and the UK is leading the way. We’ll have to wait and see what else the pestaurant has in store. Walnut crusted water bug sliders, maybe? It’s a good thing the pop ups raises money for charity.

Whether you’re a foodie, or simply a lover of meat on bread, the renewed interest in burgers is sure to tickle your palate. Who knows: maybe you could use this list as a guide while you plan your burger fantasy trip and travel around the world.

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