Trip Delay Benefits

Trip Delay Benefits

Trip Delay Benefits

What is Trip Delay?

Trip Delay coverage helps protect travelers against unexpected delays while traveling. This coverage can provide reimbursement for additional expenses incurred due to travel delays, such as meals, room accommodations, and transportation.

Do I Need Trip Delay Coverage?

Whether you need trip delay coverage or not depends on your circumstances. Trip Delay is a wise decision because it offers coverage if a delay occurs during your travels.

Trip Delay Benefits

•    Any pre-paid, unused, non-refundable land and water accommodations
•    Any reasonable expenses incurred, such as meals, room accommodations, transportation
•    One-way economy fare to catch up with your trip
•    A one-way economy fare to your originally scheduled return destination

What warrants a Trip Delay?

If you are en route to or from the trip and it becomes delayed for twelve (12) or more hours due to:
•    Common carrier delay
•    Severe weather
•    Traffic delay due to an accident in which you are not involved
•    Lost or stolen passports, travel documents, money
•    Quarantine
•    Hijacking
•    Unannounced strike 
•    Natural disaster 
•    Civil commotion or riot
•    Road closure by state police, state officials, or other government authority


Is Trip Delay coverage necessary?

Worried about unexpected trip delays ruining your travel plans? With our Trip Delay coverage, you can rest easy knowing you're protected against delays caused by unforeseeable events like inclement weather, stolen travel documents, or strikes. This coverage can reimburse you for additional expenses like accommodations, meals, and transportation so you can focus on enjoying your trip instead of worrying about the unexpected.

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Why choose AXA Travel Protection?

With a presence in over 30 countries worldwide, AXA provides assistance with a wide range of features that include: 
•    Extensive knowledge of local health risks and medical facilities to respond swiftly in the event of a medical emergency
•    24/7 global team of travel experts that offers assistance and assurance while traveling

We understand that the needs of every traveler are unique, which is why our travel plans allow customers to choose their coverage based on their specific needs. Having your travel insured by an industry leader like AXA means having greater peace of mind.

How to get a Travel Protection Quote

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Disclaimer: It is important to note that the specifics of trip delay will depend on the date of purchase and state of residency. Customers are advised to carefully review the terms and conditions of their policy and to contact AXA Partners with any questions or concerns they may have.