Baggage Lost or Stolen Benefits

Baggage Lost or Stolen Benefits

Baggage Lost or Stolen Benefits

What is Baggage and Personal Effects?

Baggage and Personal Effects is a type of insurance coverage that offers to protect your personal belongings and luggage while you are traveling. It typically provides reimbursement for lost, stolen, or damaged items such as clothing, electronics, jewelry, and other personal effects.

What does “Personal Effects” mean?

Your privately owned articles, including clothing and toiletry items brought by you for planned use on your trip.

Do I need Baggage and Personal Effects coverage?

Whether you need Baggage and Personal Effects coverage or not depends on your travel needs and preferences. If you are traveling with valuable items or have a lot of luggage, it may be a clever idea to consider this type of coverage to protect yourself against the risk of loss, theft, or damage.

All three of our AXA’s Travel Plans SilverGold, and Platinum, include Baggage and Personal Effects Coverage. Maximum coverage per person is up to:



Maximum Benefit: $750
Per Article Limit: $150
Combined Article Limit: $250


Maximum Benefit: $1,500
Per Article Limit: $250
Combined Article Limit: $500


Maximum Benefit: $3,000
Per Article Limit: $500
Combined Article Limit: $1,000


Article: Possessions are privately owned and used for personal use or enjoyment. Combined Article Definition Watches, Jewelry, Articles made of silver, gold, or platinum, Furs, Articles trimmed with or made mostly of fur, Cameras, and their accessories, including related equipment. All of these items are subject to the Combined Article Limit.

Combined Article Definition: Watches, Jewelry, Articles made of silver, gold, or platinum, Furs, Articles trimmed with or made mostly of fur, Cameras, and their accessories, including related equipment. All of these items are subject to the Combined Article Limit.

What are the benefits of Personal Effects coverage?

  • Actual cash value at time of loss, theft, or damage to baggage and personal effects
  • The cost of repair or replacement in like kind and quality up to the policy limit

Other Travel Insurance Benefits: Trip Cancellation, Emergency Evacuation, Baggage Loss, Cancel For Any Reason, Trip Interruption, Medical Travel Benefit, Trip Delay

Why choose AXA Travel Protection?

With a presence in over 30 countries worldwide, AXA provides assistance with a wide range of features that include:

  • Extensive knowledge of local health risks and medical facilities to respond swiftly in the event of a medical emergency
  • 24/7 global team of travel experts that offers assistance and assurance while traveling

Baggage Loss FAQs

Imagine you are on a trip, and something unexpected happens to your belongings – your bags get lost, your things get stolen or damaged. You might be surprised to learn that AXA Travel Protection can rescue you. Let us dive into the details. 

Reporting is Key: 

If something goes wrong with your belongings – like if they are stolen – you must report them to a few people. First, you should tell the local authorities where and what happened. Tell the tour leader if you are on a trip organized by someone else, like a tour. Then, notify your AXA travel insurance advisor. Reporting is essential for your claim to be processed. 

Protect, Save and Recover: 

When traveling, you must do your part to keep your belongings safe. If something happens to them, travel insurance will help, but you must show that you took steps to protect your stuff. 

What is Covered: 

AXA Travel Protection may reimburse you for the value of your stuff if they are lost, stolen or damaged during your trip. They will consider the value of the things when they were lost, stolen or damaged. If they cannot repair your items, they can pay for replacements that are similar in quality. 

Limits and Special Things: 

AXA Travel Protection will not pay for everything, and some limits exist for valuable items like jewelry, watches, etc. Payment is up to a certain amount based on the protection plan selected.  

Policyholders can find this information in the schedule of benefits section of an AXA Travel Protection plan. 

When Your Stuff is Delayed: 

Imagine you have checked in your bags with a travel company, and they take a while to return them to you. This coverage can help you out if your bags are delayed for too long. They will cover you until the travel company finally gets your loads to you, or if they say your bags are lost – whichever happens first. 

To Sum Up: 

Traveling is great, but sometimes things can go wrong. With AXA Travel Protection, you are not alone when your stuff gets lost, stolen, or damaged. Remember to report what happened, take care of your belongings, and know the limits of what the insurance will cover. It is like having a backup plan for your things when you are on the go. 

My luggage has been lost or stolen; How do I file a claim?

  1. Notify AXA or authorized representative as soon as possible.
  2. Take immediate actions to protect, save, or recover the property that has been affected.
  3. Inform the carrier (such as an airline), travel supplier, property manager, or anyone who may be responsible for the loss or damage. Provide a copy of this notification to AXA.
  4. If the loss or damage is due to robbery or theft, report it to the police or relevant authorities within 24 hours. Make sure to obtain a copy of the police report and provide it to AXA.
Call our claims team: (888)-957-5015 
Monday-Friday 7:30AM-4PM Central Time

Is Baggage and Personal Effects Coverage included in all AXA Travel Plans? 

Yes! Baggage and Personal Effects coverage is included in Silver, Gold, and Platinum travel plans. Coverage limits will differ based on the travel plan selected. 

Can I purchase Baggage and Personal Effects Coverage separately from a travel plan policy?

Unfortunately, you cannot purchase Baggage and Personal Effects coverage separately from our travel plans. But our Silver plan is our lowest cost plan which includes, Baggage Loss and Personal Effects, Trip Cancellation, and more.


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Disclaimer: It is important to note that the specifics for Baggage Loss will depend on the policy selected, date of purchase, destination, and state of residency. Customers are advised to carefully review the terms and conditions of their policy and to contact AXA Partners with any questions or concerns they may have.