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Why should I purchase Travel Insurance? 

Whether you're embarking on a weekend getaway  or a month-long adventure, unexpected events can happen. An AXA protection plan can help ease your mind and help safeguard your trip, offer reimbursement for covered medical costs, and provide travelers with 24/7 access to assistance services, among other benefits.

Need to cancel your trip due to an unforeseen event? 

Get coverage for your trip against illnesses, injuries, and natural disasters. Travel insurance can reimburse you for your prepaid, non-refundable trip costs.

Was your luggage lost or stolen? 

Our travel plans can offer reimbursement for the value of your belongings, up to the policy limit.
This includes coverage for lost or stolen passports, visas, or other important travel documents, as well as any necessary expenses related to replacing these items.

Stranded due to unexpected travel delays?

Whether it’s rebooking your flight, finding alternative transportation, or providing a place to stay, our 24/7 travel assistance team is here to help!

Is domestic and international medical coverage provided?

Our travel plans can provide up to $250,000 in medical coverage domestically and internationally for emergencies and accidents while traveling.


Best for Domestic Travel

From $16

  • 100% of Insured Trip Cost for Trip Cancellation
  • $25,000 Emergency Accident & Sickness Medical
  • $750 Baggage & Personal Effects


Best for Cruise

From $36

  • 100% of Insured Trip Cost for Trip Cancellation
  • $100,000 Emergency Accident & Sickness Medical
  • $1,500 Baggage & Personal Effects
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Optional Cancel For Any Reason Coverage

From $52

  • 100% of Insured Trip Cost for Trip Cancellation
  • $250,000 Emergency Accident & Sickness Medical
  • $3,000 Baggage & Personal Effects

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AXA Travel Insurance Benefits

Medical Travel Insurance

Medical Travel Benefit

AXA offers coverage for certain emergency medical expenses that result from an accidental injury or illness while traveling as well as emergency medical evacuation and repatriation.
Learn more

Cancellation Travel Insurance

Trip Cancellation

We can reimburse you up to the maximum benefit of your selected travel plan, that is due to an unforeseen event including illness and inclement weather and other covered reasons.
Learn more

Emergency Evacuation image

Emergency Evacuation

AXA Offers coverage for medically necessary evacuations and repatriation as directed by a physician to the nearest adequate medical facility or your home.
Learn more

Bagge loss Travel Insurance

Baggage Loss

AXA offers reimbursement coverage in the event your baggage or personal effects are lost damaged or stolen during your trip.
Learn more

Cancel for any reason travel insurance

Cancel For Any Reason

AXA offers coverage up to 75% of your prepaid nonrefundable trip costs if your trip is cancelled for any reason.
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Travel Interruption

Trip Interruption

AXA offers coverage for your non-refundable trip costs in the event you cannot continue on your trip due to a covered reason.
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My Trip companion AXA app

Not just a travel app but a comprehensive travel assistant that enhances your travel experience.

Frequently Asked Questions About Travel Insurance

We've put together a list of questions that we hear most often from travelers.

What is Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is a type of insurance that offers coverage for financial losses or medical expenses that may occur while you are traveling. It can help protect you from unforeseen events that may disrupt or ruin your travel plans, such as medical emergencies, trip cancellations, trip delays, lost or stolen baggage, or personal liability. Learn more about Travel Insurance

What does Travel Insurance cover on a cruise?

You may not always be required to have travel insurance for a cruise, but there’s a reason why many experienced cruisers carry it. If you’re new to the world of cruising or insurance, read on to get all the essential information you need about cruise travel insurance.
Learn more about our Cruise Travel Insurance 

Why choose AXA?

As part of the AXA Group, we are a global leader in insurance and financial protection. As part of the AXA Group, we are a global leader in insurance and financial protection. Our teams are here to help anytime and anywhere with over 50 years of experience in assistance. Our travel insurance plans are designed to offer protection from unexpected events that can disrupt your trip, such as medical emergencies, trip cancellations, lost or stolen luggage. Learn more about AXA's product and services 

How much does Travel Insurance cost?

At AXA, we offer travel plans to insure you are getting the necessary coverage for your trip.
The cost of travel insurance varies from carrier to carrier. There are a number of factors, such as your age, the length and destination of your trip, the level of coverage you need, and any pre-existing medical conditions you may have. Learn what some of those factors are

What is a pre-existing medical condition?

A pre-existing medical condition is a health condition that existed before the effective date of your travel insurance policy. This can include any medical conditions for which you have received medical advice, diagnosis, care, or treatment, including chronic conditions, illnesses, or injuries. Learn more 

Does Travel Insurance have COVID benefits?

At AXA Travel Insurance, we recognize that the outbreak has created unprecedented challenges for travelers and have sought to offer coverage that is relevant and useful in the current context. One of the most significant changes that we have made is to include COVID coverage in many of our policies.  Learn more

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