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Traveling is a wonderful experience that makes us enjoy many different ways. There are a thousand reasons to travel: to know new countries and cultures, to practice sports, to visit the family, to make a dreamed adventure come true or simply to rest in paradisiacal places. Every trip is special, and from AXA we want to help you discover new possibilities to enjoy traveling. Let's travel!!




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Essentials for Spring Break


Spring break is just around the corner, it is time to get ready and think about what we will pack for our trip! At AXA we have created a list of things that you cannot leave home without to enjoy your trip to the fullest, make sure to make a checklist and not bring items on your trip you don't need in order to avoid paying excess baggage fees.

Documentation: it is obvious, but we must always check that our documents are valid and that you have them with you to identify yourself at all times.

Clothing: Always, take only what you need, one outfit per day, underwear, socks tucked into your shoes, at least one party outfit and of course a swimsuit. If during your trip you will be participating in outdoor activities such as hiking, do not forget to pack some extra layers.  

Sunglasses: Essential for full enjoyment of the sun, sand and sea. Make sure they have UV protection and are comfortable since you will be using them almost throughout your whole trip. Also, make sure that you like them since you will be wearing them in all of your pictures!

Sunscreen: If you want to return home with a tan, do not forget to put on some sunscreen! Doctors are now aware of the damage our skin can suffer if we are exposed for long periods to the sun without protection. Look for a sunscreen brand with an SPF level suitable for you and try to use it constantly.
Insect repellent: A mosquito bite can be very annoying and unfortunately, in warm climates, you are more likely to suffer a mosquito bite, so do not forget to have a repellent with you to use in the evenings and when going hiking to avoid unnecessary discomfort during your trip.

Comfortable shoes: flip-flops, sneakers and a pair of shoes for your party outfit, done you do not need anything else. Before packing your luggage think about the outfits you are going to be wearing and what shoes will match. Try to pick the shoes that match with the most outfits to save some space in your luggage. 

Organizers: If you are not the most organized person, you may think it is unnecessary, but carrying organizers inside your suitcase will save you tons of space! You can use two: one for clean clothes and one for dirty clothes or really get organized and sort your clothes into categories colors, types, days.

Backpack: if you are going on a tour or just getting to know the city, it can be very uncomfortable to carry all the things you have in your pockets and it can also be unsafe. Try to carry a backpack where you can carry the essentials and free up your hands.

Pack everything up and check the list to make sure you have not forgotten anything, remember that AXA ASSITANCE offers trip protection plans for travelers with many coverages and the large network of doctors. Have you packed you trip protection plan? 

If you already have it, you are ready to get on the plane and have the vacation of a lifetime!   KEEP CALM and BE SAFE with AXA ASSISTANCE

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