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Traveling is a wonderful experience that makes us enjoy many different ways. There are a thousand reasons to travel: to know new countries and cultures, to practice sports, to visit the family, to make a dreamed adventure come true or simply to rest in paradisiacal places. Every trip is special, and from AXA we want to help you discover new possibilities to enjoy traveling. Let's travel!!



Let's celebrate Dad by traveling together!

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Let's celebrate Dad by traveling together!

19 June 2019

Father´s Day


Father's Day is special because it is dedicated to fatherhood and its importance in the life of each one of us, because although the mother has an irreplaceable bond in the first years of a baby's life, fathers also play an important role in the physical and emotional development of children in general.


We dedicate this day to our hero, the one who didn't know how to be a father but was the best student of all, the one who is our example of strength and our companion in the most extreme adventures. This day in general is celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of June, but did you know that... in the Catholic tradition it is usually celebrated on the 19th of March because it is the day of St. Joseph, father of Jesus.


The fact is that there is nothing better than the gift of experiences in this life, because as we all know the material comes and goes, it deteriorates and we forget it along the way, but the experiences will remain engraved in our memory and heart for the rest of our lives and that is why at AXA we dedicate this note to all those children who are looking for the best gift to give to their fathers; a trip.


When we grow up we begin to value more that quality time we have with our parents, and traveling is undoubtedly the best way to reconnect with them and live experiences that both parties can enjoy to the fullest. Travelling has many positive effects on families who travel together, because when we get to know new cultures we open the general scenario for everyone, we encourage tolerance and respect for other cultures, we learn new things and it is also about reconnecting, strengthening ties and getting to know each other from another perspective that will make us value each other a little more.


Get out of that routine that sometimes suffocates us all and give yourself a break together in these perfect options to get to know the world together:


Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico: Do you like wine? If the answer is positive, this place will be a must to know together. This place in the north of Mexico is the most important wine-growing area of the country, you will have to get to Tijuana because Ensenada has no airport, however, the trip is only about an hour. The valley is incredible, whether you decide to do it on your own or rent an all-inclusive tour, look for as many vineyards as you can.


We recommend you to visit the vineyards of the Hacienda de Guadalupe, that besides having a delicious local gastronomy, has a magnificent attention and one of the best Cabernet Sauvignon of the zone, Monte Xanic has one of the best views of the region, in addition, they have premium labels that will enchant any lover of red wine and finally we also recommend you to visit the vineyard of L.A. Cetto one of the largest and most beautiful, is originally Italian and has an extensive variety of super accessible wines that will leave you wishing to visit again.


New York, United States: This cosmopolitan city is a destination that works for all types of travel, whether it's with friends, family or alone, the Big Apple will always be one of the most emblematic cities in the world. Sure your dad listened to Frank Sinatra, he likes history, food and why not, shopping, so this city is an all-inclusive. Visit the Statue of Liberty, know The Vessel, the new attraction of the city, go for a bit of history to the MoMA or the famous Museum of Natural History, have a beer at Mcsorley's the oldest pub in the city or if you are theater lovers, don't miss visiting some of the current works in Broodway like Aladdin, The Phantom of the Opera, Chicago or the famous Lion King to remember a bit of those moments in your childhood together.


Berlin, Germany: for all parents who love history, beer and good food. Berlin is a city that you will never forget, because it has the perfect combination between old history and all the best of the modern world.  You can not fail to visit the beautiful and imposing Brandenburg Gate, the building of Reichstag the parliament of Berlin one of the most beautiful and photographed places of this beautiful city, the Berlin Wall which is a piece of history that now serves as an art gallery touching themes of freedom and hope for the world and of course its Cathedral which has a touch a bit grim but which will certainly leave you speechless.


We only told you some of the most touristic places of this city, however, we recommend you to take a couple of days to really get the most out of this place, enjoy all its streets, its attractions, its food and its magnificent'' history.


If you continue with the dilemma of giving Dad a present, don't think about it anymore! Call your dad and start planning your next adventure together. Don't forget to pack your AXA travel insurance so that, regardless of their destination, you' ll be covered with the best assistance in the market.


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