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Hiking is a popular sport around the world. It's an activity accessible to almost everyone with great health benefits and also helps us connect with nature.   

Some of the great benefits of hiking are:

  • Natural stress reliever
  • Helps to keep you in shape
  • Helps to prevent heart disease
  • Increases energy and physical endurance
  • Helps to clear our minds and to think more positively
  • Helps maintain a better lifestyle and improves memory
  • Family-friendly

The best thing about practicing this sport is that it is usually FREE! You just need the desire to want to do it, a good hiking trail and a proper pair of hiking shoes/boots.  

Please see below for some of the most famous hiking trails that combine travel and sport


  • Location: Kaua'i, Hawaii, USA
  • What makes it special: Cliffs that lead to the most remote beaches in Hawaii
  • Length: 17km (approximately 11 miles)  in each direction
  • When to visit? May through June

This trail is one of the most famous in Hawaii because the Kalalau beach is a tropical paradise with deep blue waters and white sand that are without a doubt, the best reward at the end of the hike. To hike this trail you will have to cross five valleys that have waterfalls and streams. The route is long therefore many hikers make the decision to camp the night on the beach and return the next day.



  • Location: Starting in Springer Mountain in Georgia through Mount Katahdin in Maine
  • What makes it special: It's quite a feat, taking hikers several months to complete the hike due to its length
  • Length: 3500 kilometers (approximately 2175 miles)
  • When to visit?: Year round

This trail is one of the longest in the world and is one of the most sought after by hikers looking to hike the United States since it practically crosses the country from north to south. During this hike you can experience various weather conditions and different natural landscapes.


  • Location: from the Mexico-California border to Washington state
  • What makes it special: You will cross many natural parks such as Yosemite Park , Crater Lake National Park and North Cascades Park
  • Length: 4286 km (approximately 2663 miles)
  • When to visit: Year round

Forests, national parks, mountains, rivers and lakes will mark your way from one end of the United States to the other.  Three trails (The Appalachian Trail, The Pacific Ridge Trail and the Continental Divide Trail) are considered the "Triple Crown of Hiking" due to their length and beautiful scenery.



  • Location: Machu Picchu, Peru
  • What makes it special: it is the best way to reach the archaeological zone of Machu Picchu
  • Length: 43 km (approximately 27 miles)
  • When to visit: June, July and August (high tourist season) ; March, April and May (low  tourist season)

This trail is usually in high demand by tourists who want to visit this archaeological zone. There is a trail permit fee and it is recommended that visitors arrive a few days before their hike to get used to the high altitude.

It is important that whenever you decide to travel, that you choose an activity that brings you peace of mind.

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