Travel Insurance for the Middle East

From the grand pyramids of Egypt to the busy markets of Marrakech, the Middle East offers a thrilling adventure where history mixes with today's hustle and bustle. But with the ever-changing landscapes and unique challenges of this vibrant region, having travel insurance is a must.

Whether you're staying ahead of medical events or making sure you've got help if your plans go sideways, having travel insurance can make a huge difference. This guide is your map, showing you everything you need to know about travel insurance for the Middle East!

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  1. What should your Travel insurance cover for a trip to Middle East? 
  2. How Does Travel Insurance for Middle East Work?
  3. Do I need Travel Insurance for Middle East? 
  4. How Much Does Travel Insurance Cost for Middle East?
  5. Our Suggested AXA Travel Protection Plan
  6. What types of medical coverage does AXA Travel Protection plans offer?
  7. Are There Any COVID-19 Restrictions for Travelers to Middle East?
  8. Traveling with pre-existing Medical Conditions? 
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What should your travel insurance cover for a trip to the Middle East?

At a minimum, your travel insurance should cover trip cancellation, trip interruption and emergency medical expenses. When it comes to international travel, the US Department of State outlines key components that should be included in your travel insurance coverage.
AXA Travel Protection plans are designed with these minimum recommended coverages in mind.

  • Medical Coverage – The top priority is making sure your health is in order. With AXA Travel Protection, you can have access to quality healthcare during your trip overseas in the event of unexpected medical emergencies.  
  • Trip Cancellation & Interruptions – Assistance against unexpected trip disruptions can dampen the mood, AXA Travel Protection offers coverage against unforeseen events. 
  • Emergency Evacuations and Repatriation – In situations where transportation is dire, AXA Travel Protection offers provisions for emergency evacuation and repatriation. 
  • Coverage for Personal Belongings – AXA offers coverage for your belongings with assistance against lost or delayed baggage. 
  • Optional Cancel for Any Reason – For added flexibility, AXA offers optional Cancel for Any Reason coverage, allowing you to cancel your trip for non-traditional reasons.  Exclusive to Platinum Plan holders. 

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How Does Travel Insurance for the Middle East Work?

Imagine you're on a guided tour through the ancient city of Petra in Jordan, marveling at the intricately carved rock-cut architecture. Suddenly, political unrest erupts in the region, leading to road closures and travel advisories. With AXA Travel Protection, you can receive assistance for trip interruptions and emergency evacuations.

Here are more ways travelers can benefit from an AXA Travel Protection Plan:

Medical Benefits: 

  • Emergency Medical Expenses: Should you fall ill or have an accident during your trip, your policy may offer coverage for medical expenses, including hospital stays and doctor's fees. 
  • Emergency Evacuation & Repatriation: In case of a serious medical emergency, your policy may include provisions for evacuation to the nearest appropriate medical facility or repatriation. 
  • Non-Emergency Evacuation & Repatriation: In non-medical crises (e.g., political unrest), your policy may cover evacuation or repatriation, subject to policy terms. 

Pre-Departure Travel Benefits: 

  • Trip Cancellation: You may be eligible for reimbursement if you cancel your trip due to a sudden illness or injury. 
  • COVID-19 Travel Insurance: Coverage is available for trip cancellation and medical expenses related to COVID-19, subject to policy terms and conditions. 
  • Trip Delay: If your flight faces delays due to unforeseen circumstances, you may have coverage for additional expenses such as meals and accommodations. 

Post-Departure Travel Benefits

  • Trip Interruption: In case of an unexpected event, you could be eligible for reimbursement for the unused portion of your trip.
  • Missed Connection: If you miss a connecting flight due to delays or cancellations, this coverage may help with expenses like rebooking fees and accommodations.

Baggage Benefits: 

  • Luggage Delay: If the airline delays your checked baggage, your policy might offer reimbursement for essential items like clothing and toiletries. 
  • Lost or Stolen Luggage: In the unfortunate event of permanent loss or theft of your luggage, your policy may offer reimbursement for its value, assisting you in replacing your belongings. 

Additional Optional Travel Benefits 

  • Rental Car (Collision Damage Waiver): Exclusive to Gold & Platinum plan policy holders, this optional benefit gives travelers extra coverage on their rental car against damage and theft. 
  • Cancel for Any Reason: Exclusive to Platinum plan policy holders; this optional benefit gives travelers more flexibility to cancel their trip for any reason outside of their standard policy. 
  • Loss Skier Days: Exclusive to Platinum plan policy holders, this optional benefit offers reimbursement to mitigate some costs associated with pre-paid ski tickets that you or your traveling companion cannot use due to specified slope closures. 
  • Loss Golf Days: Exclusive to Platinum plan policy holders, this optional benefit offers reimbursement to mitigate the expenses linked to prepaid golf arrangements that you or your travel companion are unable to utilize due to specified golf closures.​​​​​

Do I Need Travel Insurance for the Middle East?

Travel insurance is not typically required for visiting the Middle East. However, it is strongly recommended due to various factors unique to the region. The Middle East can present certain risks such as political instability, civil unrest, and occasional natural disasters.

Here are more reasons why having travel insurance is recommended for trips to the Middle East:

  1. Emergency Medical Expenses: The Middle East may present unique health risks due to the extreme temperatures, unfamiliar cuisines, and potential for infectious diseases. Having coverage for emergency medical expenses allows travelers to access quality healthcare in case of illness or injury during their trip, without worrying about piling expenses.
  2. Lost Baggage: Airlines sometimes mishandle baggage, and the last thing you want is to be without your essentials in an unfamiliar place. Travel insurance offers to cover the cost of replacing necessary items, allowing you to continue on.
  3. Emergency Evacuation & Repatriation: Political instability and occasional civil unrest in certain parts of the Middle East can pose safety concerns for travelers. Coverage for emergency evacuation and repatriation offers essential support for safely transporting travelers to the nearest appropriate medical facility or evacuating them from potentially dangerous situations.

How Much Does Travel Insurance Cost for the Middle East?

In general, travel insurance costs about 3 – 10% of your total prepaid and non-refundable trip expenses. The cost of travel insurance depends on two factors for AXA Travel Protection plans:

Total Trip cost: The total amount of non-prepaid and non-refundable costs you have already paid for your upcoming trip. This includes prepaid excursions, plane tickets, cruise costs, etc.

Age: Like any other travel insurance type, the correlation is rooted in increased health risks associated with older individuals. It's important to note that this doesn't make travel insurance unattainable for older individuals.

With AXA Travel Protection, travelers to the United Kingdom will be offered three tiers of insurance: Silver, Gold and Platinum. Each offer varying levels of coverage to cater to individual's preferences and travel needs.

Our Suggested AXA Travel Protection Plan

AXA presents travelers with three travel plans – the Silver PlanGold Plan, and Platinum Plan, each offering different levels of coverage to suit individual needs. Given that Philippine hospitals often do not accept U.S. health insurance or Medicare, we genuinely recommend travelers to consider purchasing any of these plans, particularly for the crucial coverage they offer for emergency accident and sickness medical expenses.

The Platinum Plan is your go-to choice if you're looking for extra coverage for the Philippine experience. Cancel for Any Reason" offers greater flexibility for those unexpected twists in your travel plans and the "Rental Car (Collision Damage Waiver)" offers assistance when you're out exploring Middle East's stunning landscapes in a rental car.

What types of medical coverage does AXA Travel Protection plans offer?

AXA covers three types of medical expenses:

  • Emergency medical
  • Emergency evacuation & repatriation
  • Non-medical emergency evacuation & repatriation

Emergency medical: Covers unforeseen situations like fractures, burns, sudden illnesses, and allergic reactions.

Emergency evacuation and repatriation: Covers your immediate transportation home in the event of an accidental injury or illness.

Non-medical emergency evacuation and repatriation: Offers assistance for evacuating a destination promptly due to events unrelated to health issues. These events may include occurrences like natural disasters or civil unrest.

Are There Any COVID-19 Restrictions for Travelers to the Middle East?

COVID-19 restrictions for travelers in the Middle East differ by country and situation. While many countries have eased restrictions, some still have rules in place. For instance, as of May 2024, Iran needs proof of vaccination, and Saudi Arabia requires insurance covering COVID-19 treatment costs. Before traveling, it's vital for visitors to check and stay informed about the specific COVID-19 guidelines and entry requirements for the Middle Eastern country they're visiting.

Traveling with preexisting Medical Conditions?

Traveling with preexisting medical conditions can complicate your plans, but with AXA Travel Protection, we're here to support you during your trip.

Gold Plan, and Platinum Plans offer coverage for preexisting medical conditions.
The Platinum plan, in particular, is our highest-offered choice for travelers who want our highest coverage limits and optional add-ons,

What does this mean for you? If you've got a medical condition that's been hanging around, you can qualify for coverage under our Gold and Platinum plan with a preexisting medical condition, so long as it’s within 14 days of placing your initial trip deposit and in our 60 day look back period. We're here to make sure you travel with ease, no matter your health situation.


1.Can you buy travel insurance after booking a flight?

You can buy travel insurance even after your flight is booked.

2.When should I buy Travel Insurance to the Middle East?

It's advisable to purchase travel insurance for your trip as soon as you have made your initial trip deposit (prepaid and non-refundable trip costs.)
AXA Travel Protection offers coverage as soon as you purchase your protection plan. We can give coverage against unforeseen events before you leave for your trip.
Additionally, our policies offer coverage for preexisting medical conditions and Cancel for Any Reason if you purchase your protection within 14-days of making your initial trip deposit.

3.Do Americans need travel insurance in the Middle East?

Travel insurance is not required for most Middle Eastern countries, but Americans planning to visit Qatar and Saudi Arabia are required to obtain international health insurance.

4.What is needed to visit the Middle East from the USA?

Visas are typically required for entry into most Middle Eastern countries, including Saudi Arabia and Jordan. Additionally, some destinations may have vaccination requirements depending on your travel plans and itinerary. For instance, Saudi Arabia mandates meningitis vaccines for travelers participating in events like the Hajj or Umrah.

5.What happens if a tourist gets sick in the Middle East?

If you become sick in the Middle East, travelers with AXA Travel protection can contact the AXA Assistance hotline 855-327-1442. Contact information is typically provided within the travel insurance documentation. Please read through your policy details and information.

Disclosure: Always read the terms and conditions to understand what is covered and what is not covered by your travel insurance policy. This will help you make an informed decision that best suits your travel needs.


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