How to Buy Travel Insurance ?

Chances are, you know how important it is to travel insured. On the off-chance that things don’t go as planned before or during your trip, you need travel insurance coverage to account for missed flights, airline delays, medical emergencies, or contingency plans. But how do you go about purchasing travel coverage? For something so important, it’s essential you understand the ins and outs, the how, and the whys — we’re here to take you through the process step-by-step and to help you shop with confidence. It’s also important to read and understand the features and limitations of your plan. 

How to Purchase Travel Insurance 

Buying travel insurance is more straightforward than you might think! All you have to do is choose which buying route you want to take, click order, and purchase online. You get the option to handle things yourself online or get guided professional assistance by phone. 

Online Process 

AXA has made the online travel insurance buying process seamless and user-friendly for anyone who wants to purchase online themselves. Here’s how: 

  1. Fill out the travel insurance quote form with your trip information.  
  2. Review your insurance coverage options.  
  3. Select one of our 3 travel protection plans, customized for your needs.  
  4. Purchase your plan using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover.  

*If you need assistance, use the chat function at the bottom right of the screen or call a representative at 855-327-1441 (Option 2). Our verified secure payment system, confirmation emails, and 24/7 help lines make your travel insurance shopping experience as safe and seamless as possible.   

Agent-Led Process 

If you want help choosing the right AXA Travel Protection plan, you can call our sales team and speak with a specialist directly. Our agents are here to answer your travel questions: we’ll help generate a quote, walk you through plan benefits in detail, book your plan, and take over-the-phone payments. Feel confident knowing that a trained professional will assist you throughout the process, ensuring that all necessary steps are taken care of. 

For Agent-Assisted Booking: 

  1. Call 855-327-1441, the general line for all things AXA travel insurance.  
  2. Operating hours are from 8 am-7 pm CST, Monday through Saturday.  
  3. Select option 2 to be connected with a team member who can handle it all.  


Hassle-Free AXA Travel Insurance Quotes  

Not ready to book, but just looking for ballpark costs? We know that the thought of just getting a travel insurance quote can be daunting: you don’t want to commit to a plan yet, and you definitely don’t want to be bombarded with sales calls from tons of companies. 

That’s why AXA makes getting a simple quote just that — simple.   

AXA offers clear, no-obligation insurance quotes that outline your coverage options, specific plan benefits, and how much each policy would cost. You get detailed information upfront so you can make the most informed decision possible. Here’s how:  

Find the Quote Form 

Go to the AXA travel insurance homepage. There is a form at the top entitled “Quote Your Travel Insurance.” It looks like this:  


Fill Out the Form 

To get your insurance quote, you’ll enter some very basic information about yourself and your trip, including your state of residence, the destination country, the number of travelers, and traveler ages. These fields are very straightforward.   

Note for policies for multiple trips: If you need a policy for a trip spanning multiple destinations, just select the destination you’ll be spending the most time in from the dropdown. Also, take a peek at all the destinations in that list. If a given destination isn’t listed, AXA can’t issue a policy for that destination.  

Here are some brief descriptions of the other fields on the quote form:  

  • Travel Departure Date: Select the date you’ll be leaving your state of residence for your trip.  
  • Travel Return Date: Select the date you’ll be leaving your destination country.  
  • First Deposit Date: Select the date that you have (or will) be paying any money for your trip. Qualifying costs include travel agent fees, tour guide fees, or any other fees that make your trip possible.  
  • Total Trip Cost: Enter how much your trip costs. 

*For more information, click the blue “i” icon above each field.  

After you’ve entered all the information on the quote form, click Get a Quote Now at the bottom of the form.  

View Your Coverage Options 

After completing and submitting the form, you’ll get a result like this:  

It shows each of the travel insurance plans available: Gold, Platinum, and Silver. 

In addition, you’ll see the basic benefits of each plan and how much the policies cost. You can click “see more benefits” under each plan to learn more about what would be covered.  

When should I buy Travel Insurance? 

You can purchase travel insurance before your departure! For the widest plan availability, you should purchase your plan immediately after booking your trip. One of the main benefits of getting your travel insurance policy right away is having active coverage in the event of trip cancellations. Given the expenses associated with travel (hotel, flights, and other pre-paid costs), securing travel insurance can help you recover these funds if your trip is disrupted according to the terms of your policy.  

With a travel insurance plan in place, you may be able to recoup some or all of that pre-paid money.  

Can I Purchase Travel Insurance After My Departure? 

Typically, purchasing a travel insurance plan after your departure is not an option. 

For these reasons and more, it is best to get your policy right after booking your trip.  

What to Expect Post-Purchase 

Once you purchase your plan, you’ll receive a few things by email:  

  • Your travel insurance card  
  • Your Confirmation of Coverage 
  • Any other plan documents that apply 

Here’s a sample insurance card and the information you’ll find on it:  



AXA Travel Protection Plans: An Overview  

Getting travel insurance shouldn’t have to be complicated. That’s why AXA offers three travel protection plans that provide coverage whether you’re taking an international or domestic trip. These plans may help reduce the stress associated with trip is cancellations, unexpected delays, illnesses, and other travel disruptions by providing financial protection and support services. Here’s a little about each AXA Travel Protection Plan:  

Silver Plan 

Going from state to state? Our Silver plan is the way to go. It provides the following basic coverage:  

  • 100% coverage for trip cancellations 
  • $25,000 for emergency accident and sickness medical expenses 
  • $750 for baggage and personal effects protection. 

Gold Plan 

Best for cruises, the Gold plan offers coverage from shore to shore and back. This plan gets you:  

  • 100% coverage for trip cancellations 
  • $100,000 for emergency accident and sickness medical expenses 
  • $1,500 for baggage and personal effects protection. 

Platinum Plan 

Among the three options, the Platinum plan is the most popular, offering the most substantial coverage. Benefits include:  

  • 100% coverage for trip cancellations 
  • $250,000 for emergency accident and sickness medical expenses 
  • $3,000 for baggage and personal effects protection 

Additionally, you can purchase a Cancel for Any Reason insurance add-on with our Platinum plan. 

Note: These are only the basic benefits of each of these plans. Here are some other benefits you may be eligible for depending on your specific plan:  

Learn more about the benefits of the AXA Travel Protection Plan here.  

Hit the Road! 

So, there you have it - how to buy travel insurance. We hope that the information we’ve shared simplifies the process of buying travel insurance, especially if you go with one of AXA’s travel protection plans. Each plan offers a variety of benefits designed to assist with travel-related risks, enhancing your safety, security, and financial protection while abroad. We wish you the best as you prepare for your next adventure!  


Can I go to different countries with one insurance plan?  

Yes, you can go to different countries with one insurance plan, provided that that country is covered under your policy and that the policy is active during your trip. Just be sure to disclose your full travel plans (including all destinations) to the travel insurance company.  

Can I buy travel insurance after booking a flight?  

If you’ve already booked your flight and think it’s too late to get travel insurance, don’t worry. You can buy travel insurance after booking your flight. In fact, you can buy your policy until you depart. Remember that the sooner you get your policy, the better your coverage options and benefits may be.  


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