Is it convenient to leave the airport during a layover?

Is it Convenient to Leave the Airport During a Layover?

Have you ever experienced a layover and wondered if you should leave the airport during that time? In this blog we will provide you with some useful tips in deciding what to do with those free hours.


EXPRESS LAYOVER (15 minutes - 2 hours)


Since the layover time is short it is suggested to not leave the airport. By doing so you will eliminate having to recheck your luggage and complete the security checks which can take some time. Instead, you can use that time to visit one of the many retail stores in the airport, grab a coffee, or even purchase a magazine or book to read during your flight. 


FULL TIME LAYOVER (more than 8 hours)


This is a great opportunity to visit the city is which your layover occurs. If you traveling within the United States and choose to leave the airport it is important to check with the airport regarding their security and check-in requirements.


If you are traveling abroad, there are several countries that will request a special permit or visa should you have a layover. A transit visa is a document that shows that a traveler has permission to pass through a country but it will not allow you to stay as a tourist. To obtain more information on transit visas please visit the U.S. Department of State Travel Website

Should you decide to remain at the airport for the entire duration of your layover, below are some additional tips to help manage your time.

  • Reading good book or magazine.
  • Browse the retail airport stores.
  • Take the time to watch a movie or television series on your laptop.
  • Listen to music.
  • Browse the many airport restaurants and mini coffee shops.  
  • Start a travel diary.

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