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An introductory guide for travelers, covering essential topics such as travel protection, travel insurance and how to navigate specific scenarios. This resource aims to equip travelers with basic travel knowledge and confidence.

What to do When You Lose Your Luggage

Here AXA discusses the distressing experience of losing your luggage while traveling and provides you with essential steps to take in case of such an incident, including immediate reporting, preventative measures, and contacting your travel insurance advisor. It outlines the coverage provided by AXA Travel Protection plans for lost, stolen, or damaged items, including reimbursement, replacement of items, and coverage for delayed bags, offering a comprehensive overview of Baggage and Personal Effects Coverage. Additionally, it addresses frequently asked questions regarding the coverage and who should consider purchasing it.

Losing your Luggage

Lost luggage. Every traveler dreads it. And, if you travel long enough, it’s bound to happen to you at some point. Losing your luggage while traveling can upend your plans and dampen your spirits. Whether your bags are misplaced by an airline, stolen from a taxicab, or damaged during your voyage, it pays to know the correct steps to take. Here we will run through the correct actions to take that can help you alleviate stress, recover your belongings, or receive compensation. We will also touch upon what is and is not covered. 

The FIVE Essential Steps to Take if your Luggage is Lost 

Ok, so it happened. You showed up at your destination, but your luggage did not. Maybe it was stolen as you had your back turned, or from right in front of you. Here are the steps you should take when your luggage is lost. 

1. Reporting is Key 

If your luggage is lost or stolen, immediate reporting to the respective authorities is critical. This could be a representative from your airline or bus carrier, the hotel or travel supplier or property manager. If you're traveling as part of an organized group, inform your tour leader or the travel coordinator about the incident. This authority can offer immediate assistance and guide you through the local procedures. 

2. Take Preventative Measures 

Ensure that you take all possible steps to prevent further loss or damage to your belongings. Keep a close eye on your items. Once bitten, twice shy. 

3. Contact Your AXA Travel Insurance Advisor 

Timely reporting is important for the processing of your claim, and your travel insurance advisor can guide you through the necessary steps to ensure your claim is handled swiftly. Get in touch with our expert travel team here.

4. Inform Local Authorities  

If you’ve been robbed, it’s critical to report the theft to the local police or relevant authorities where the incident occurred. This is essential for officially documenting the incident, which is often necessary for travel insurance claims. You will need a copy of their report for your AXA Travel Insurance advisor.  

5. Follow the Authorities' Lead 

In the case of theft or robbery, the local police may request you take certain actions to aid them in the investigation and creation of the report. Following their guidance to completion should help in discovering what happened to your belongings - and hopefully recover them - and support your claim. 


What is Covered? 

Broadly speaking, AXA Travel Protection plans offer coverage for lost, stolen, or damaged items. Our travel plans can offer reimbursement for the value of your belongings, up to the policy limit - which varies depending on the policy that you select. For more detailed information, our licensed travel insurance agents are standing by <link> and are happy to walk you through any questions or specifics that pertain to your individual trip. 
Here’s an overview of what our Baggage and Personal Effects Coverage - aka lost bag travel insurance - typically covers: 

Reimbursement for Lost or Damaged Items: Traveling can do a number on your bags. Whether beaten up, or outright lost, AXA can have you covered. You may be reimbursed for the actual cash value or the cost to repair or replace the bags, depending on the circumstances and, of course, up to the limits of your policy. 

Replacement of Items: If items are beyond repair, similar quality replacements may be provided. Time for a shopping spree. 

Limits and Special Items 

It’s wise to know your limits, so you’re not caught off guard. Not all items may be fully covered, and certain valuables such as jewelry, watches, and electronics might have specific limits. Let’s look at some of the limits and terminology used. 

Per Article Limit: This is the maximum amount paid per item or set of related items. The maximum limits vary depending on the travel protection plan you select. 

Combined Article Limit: For combined high-value items, the payout is capped at a specific total amount. The cap varies by travel protection plan.  

Coverage When Your Bags Delayed 

It happens. You arrive at your destination, only to find out that your bags took the scenic route. It could be days before they arrive! If your bags are delayed, AXA covers the necessary purchases such as clothing and toiletries until your bags are either delivered or officially declared lost, up to the plan limit. This coverage kicks in after a certain period that is specified in your travel insurance policy and provides support when you need it most  

Travel is an exciting adventure, but the unexpected loss, theft or damage of luggage can be a major headache. With AXA Baggage and Personal Effects travel insurance benefit, you do not have to go through it alone. Understanding what steps to take when something goes wrong, and knowing the extent of your coverage, can immensely ease your situation. Always remember to report any incidents promptly, take care of your belongings, and understand the limits of what your travel insurance will cover.  
When things go wrong when you are far from home, it is good to have AXA Travel Insurance and a team of professionals on your side. We provide the know-how and coverage, so you can free your mind to fully enjoy your travels. 


What Kind of Travel Insurance is available for Lost Luggage? 

The kind of travel insurance benefit coverage can protect your personal belongings and luggage when you travel is called Baggage and Personal Effects Coverage. 

What does Baggage and Personal Effects Travel Insurance cover? 

This type of travel insurance benefit generally provides reimbursement for lost, stolen or damaged items such as electronics, clothing, jewelry and other personal effects, up to the plan limit. It also can include coverage for lost or stolen travel documents (passports, visas, etc.) and any necessary expenses related to replacing these items. 

What are “Personal Effects” 

That’s travel insurance lingo for the privately owned articles that are brought along for your trip. Your personal items like clothing, camera equipment, electronics, jewelry and toiletries. 

Who should buy Personal Effects Coverage?  

People traveling with valuables, or lots of luggage, may want to consider purchasing Baggage and Personal Effects coverage to protect against the risk of loss, theft or damage.  

Disclaimer: The insurance benefits in the Silver, Gold and Platinum plans are underwritten by Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company and affiliated companies including Nationwide Life Insurance Company, Columbus, Ohio. Benefits are administered by AXA Assistance USA, Inc. (in California, doing business as AXA Assistance Insurance Services, License Number 0H74893). Non-insurance assistance services are provided by AXA Assistance USA, Inc. and are not underwritten by Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company. 

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