The Ultimate Survival Guide for Lollapalooza 2024

Music lovers worldwide will be flocking to Chicago’s Grant Park neighborhood for Lollapalooza this August. This year’s Lolla will feature top musical talent like Tyler the Creator, The Killers, Blink-182, SZA, and over 100 other bands. You’re bound to have the time of your life! 

But don’t make the mistake of arriving to the festival unprepared. From pickpocketing to dehydration to transportation issues and more, there are things you’ll want to look out for. Read on for our tips on how to survive the Lollapalooza festival.  

Lollapalooza 2024 Dates and Location 

As mentioned earlier, Lollapalooza will be held in Grant Park in Chicago near Lake Michigan on August 1-4. Here’s an exact Google Maps location. When you get close to the park, follow the signage. 

The Best Way to Get to Lollapalooza 

If you plan on driving, you’ll be glad to know that discount parking will be near. As for public transportation, Chicago has a well-connected network of trains and buses (CTA, Metra, and Pace); they can get you anywhere. There are also rideshare options - Uber and Lyft - and biking. The best option for you depends on where you’re traveling from, your preferences, and your budget. For more information, read this Lollapalooza article.  

What’s the Lollapalooza 2024 Lineup? 

The best way to find out who will be at Lollapalooza is to go to this page on the Lollapalooza website. There, you’ll find a complete lineup of artists along with which day they’ll be performing. That way, you can decide which day(s) would be best for you to go.  

Where to Stay During Lollapalooza 

If you’ll be traveling from afar or attending the festival for multiple days, you need to consider your lodging. The organizers of Lollapalooza make it easy to find a nice place to rest for the night. As of the time of this writing, there are 28 lodging options to take advantage of, many of which are within a fraction of a mile from Grant Park.  

To view your lodging options, go to this page and fill out the form at the top. You’ll then be able to view your hotel options and book a stay:  

Of course, there are more places to stay than a hotel. You could explore the following options as well:  

  • Airbnb or vacation rental 
  • Camping at a nearby campground 
  • Motel 


General Safety Advice  

Big crowds, rowdy guests, and high temperatures are just a few things you’ll have to contend with at Lollapalooza. We’re not saying this to scare you, but it helps to be prepared. Here’s some general advice to keep you safe while you enjoy the festivities:  

  1. Stay hydrated. To prevent dehydration, bring an empty water bottle with you to the event. There will be hydration stations with free water throughout the venue for guest use.  
  2. Carry your emergency contact information on you, just in case. And be sure to include your emergency contact information when registering your wristbands. And if you have allergies, write them down and bring a note with you.   
  3. Bring some earplugs and use them. At Lollapalooza, it sometimes gets too loud for comfort. If you happen to forget or leave your earplugs at home, don’t worry. Go to Guest Services at the festival to get a pair.  
  4. Mind the weather. Chicago weather is unpredictable. Before you set out, check the weather and dress accordingly from head to toe.  
  5. Avoid mosh pits and super crowded areas whenever possible.  
  6. Take note of exits and any other safe areas you can get to in an emergency.  
  7. Report anything that’s dangerous or makes you feel uneasy to a safety official. Safety personnel will be scattered throughout the event grounds.  
  8. Try not to panic in an emergency - stay calm and listen to instructions from official personnel.  
  9. Never leave your drink unattended, accept a drink from someone else, or overdrink. Doing so puts you at risk.  
  10. Keep sanitizer on hand. Germs are always going around - Lollapalooza is no exception. Keeping sanitizer handy helps to reduce your chances of bringing an illness home from the festival.  
  11. Wear sunscreen. Lollapalooza is in the middle of the summer. We urge you to bring sunscreen and apply it every 2 hours to protect against cancer and sunburn from the blazing sun.   
  12. Don’t come or leave alone. Get with a buddy and stay with them at all times. That way, you can look out for each other.  
  13. Keep your eyes open. Be aware of your surroundings. If you see something, say something.  

How to Prevent Pick Pocketers and Keep Your Belongings Safe 

Pickpocketing is rife at any festival, including Lollapalooza. Having someone steal from you can ruin the whole experience. But there are ways to keep your belongings safe as you rock out: 

  • Keep your things out of plain sight and avoid showing them off.  
  • Consider pickpocket-proof clothes.  
  • Don’t keep all your cash and cards in one pocket.  
  • Put your things in your pockets - not in backpacks. Backpacks are large and easy to swipe. If you have to use one, wear it on your chest instead of your back.  
  • Maintain your personal space as often as possible.  

How to Get Close to the Stage to See Your Favorite Artist 

Chances are you’ve got a mental list of artists you want to see at Lollapalooza. When they go up to do their set, you’ll want to be as close to the stage as possible. To do so, we recommend opting for a premium ticket rather than general admission. Platinum and VIP tickets offer on-field viewing, where you can get a more up close and personal experience.  

Enjoy Lollapalooza 2024!  

So, there you have it - a Lollapalooza survival guide for first-timers. Feel free to save this guide on your phone for quick reference as you get ready for the event - it’ll save you some time, money, and frustration. We hope you have an absolute blast!  

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