How to Embrace Post COVID World This Holiday Season

How to Embrace Post COVID World This Holiday Season

Nobody imagined having virtual Christmas parties and celebrating New Years at home. 

Unfortunately, the unprecedented times brought by the pandemic liberated us from certain traditions and forced us to modify our celebrations. 

We celebrated but moved less. We partied without our loved ones. Worst of all, we stayed inside our homes because of, yes, you guessed it - the notorious lockdowns. 

At one point, imagining a post-pandemic world felt like a utopia and something far-fetched. Luckily, we’ve entered an era where the disease has become more manageable, steady, and endemic. 

That said, the Holiday season is around the corner, but it’s bringing something better this year. Gear up to embrace your holidays after the most unusual and not-so-pleasant past 2 years of your life.

Why Is This Holiday Season Going to Be Different?


Imagine decorating the Christmas tree and inviting your loved ones for a succulent Christmas meal. Imagine being able to go out with your friends for a memorable holiday party - the clock striking midnight, the fireworks illuminating the sky, and the sparklers conveying a sense of warmth and pleasure welcoming New Year. 

As typical as it may sound, we’ve been deprived of the usual joys of the holiday season during the pandemic. 

The fear of the pandemic and the frustration of lockdowns drastically affected our mental, social, and psychological well-being. It kept us from enjoying the holiday season to the maximum because we were bound to modify our holiday plans to reduce the spread of the pandemic.

Now that the world has become more accustomed and the evolving medical field has reduced the severity of the disease, we’re set for a period of transformation. 

Celebrating traditional holidays traditionally won’t feel like a crime this year!

6 Fantastic Ways to Get Into the Holiday Spirit This Season


Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and New Year's Day will mark this year’s holiday season. It’s time to level up your dull holiday celebrations with a sense of joy, fulfillment, love, and warmth. 

We rounded up 7 fantastic ways to revive your pre-pandemic holiday days. This time around, however, they need a touch of sparkle to add more brightness to your life. 

1. Travel

One of the best things about the holiday season is spending time with your loved ones. Because families live far from one another, they travel long distances via train, car, or plane to get together and share a moment of joy. 

Thankfully, the flights are operational, and lockdowns are no longer imposed to restrict your freedom. You are free to visit your nanny living 200 miles away from you or your parents living abroad. 

Traveling to relative homes makes sense because who wouldn’t want to devour the mouth-watering turkey and enjoy mashed potatoes with cranberry sauce on Christmas dinner? Think of something beyond that. 

Celebrate the most wonderful time of the year by traveling across the US and feeling the festive spirit. The best places to visit for Christmas vacations and New Year are the destinations that offer special events and cheerful decorations that capture the holiday charm.

Also, it doesn’t hurt if there’s beautiful scenery to freshen your soul and take a sign of relief from the unprecedented times of the pandemic, especially if you’re a solo traveler.

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Beaver Creek, Colorado, Highlands, North Carolina, and Stowe, Vermont, are a few places you’ll find a blend of nature, culture, and festivity to make your holidays shine brighter. 

Also, getting a travel insurance quote makes sense to save on your travel expenses in the event of unexpected trip interruption, delay, or cancelation. AXA’s Travel Protection plans can reimburse you for eligible insured non-refundable trip costs if something takes an unexpected turn this holiday season.  

Besides, travel insurance helps ease your mind by providing coverage in case of injuries and accidents during travel. 

2. Host an Epic Christmas Dinner

If you are hosting Christmas dinner, doing so doesn’t have to be boring. Yes, we get it. Cooking all day long feels like a hassle. 

But once you sit with your loved ones at the dinner table, you feel it was worth it. Nothing is more satisfactory than sharing a delicious meal with your family and exchanging meaningful and fun conversations. 

You can go the traditional route and cook sweet potatoes, cornbread, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, gravy, and pie for dessert. 

Alternatively, serve vegetarian by preparing a vegetarian turkey out of tofu. You can always get fancy with salads, vegetable, and fruit dishes and experiment with different recipes for a delectable meal.

3. Get a Sparkly New Outfit 

Why you didn’t pay a hundred dollars to purchase a sparkly outfit for a Zoom party is understandable. 

Those who invested in one sadly had their homes as runways. So, you did not get to go out with your buddies while wearing party dresses by the end of the day. 

Now is the time to get one to embrace the holiday season like you did pre-pandemic. Don’t forget to add a crown and click some party selfies to make memories.

4. Plan a Hiking Event

Get creative with socializing and plan a hiking event. Also, this doesn’t have to be a one-day thing. You can plan a week of daily hikes. 

Text all your buddies the starting point and time and have a matchless experience getting around and interacting. A hiking event teaches you to enjoy little things in life and lets you inexpensively spend quality time. 

5. Celebrate Around an Outdoor Fire

They say fire warms you twice. 

First, when you do all the work to source the wood and light the fire. Second, when you sit, converse, or dance with your loved ones. You can have your Thanksgiving or Christmas celebrations around a firepit. 

Arranging a party around an outdoor fire can be a fun and exciting experience. However, check the yard fire pit specifications with the local fire department. Alternatively, you can build one in an outdoor fireplace or a nearby park - the options are endless. 

6. Organize a Games Night

The past two years were more about sitting down and our bodies aching with the missing movements. Now is the right time to get into the spirit and arrange outdoor games. 

Kids and adults can get together in a nearby park or backyard to kick a soccer ball, play catch, or throw a frisbee. 

If it’s snowing outside, it’ll be the cherry on top. Consider a snowman-building contest with your loved ones before dinner time. 

Wrap Up

The pandemic hasn’t vanished, but it can’t keep us from moving on. We’ve happily entered the phase where we can meet our loved ones again and go out without worrying about the lockdowns. 

Make the most of this holiday season - travel, party hard, dine out, and above all, dress up to celebrate elsewhere besides Zoom.

Happy holidays!

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