How to Save Money On Travel This Holiday Season

How to Save Money On Travel This Holiday Season

Holiday travel is costly, but it’ll be even more expensive this year, thanks to soaring inflation

A recent survey shows that 43% of Americans plan to travel for leisure, and 79% are altering their travel plans due to skyrocketing prices.

While the economy has taken a toll on travelers worldwide, it shouldn’t discourage you from traveling. After all, the pandemic restrictions are over, and you deserve to spice up your much-awaited holidays with a twist.

So, whether you plan to visit your friends abroad or revisit your favorite travel destination, we have a plan for you. This guide enlists some epic ways to save money and make your holiday travel more joyous and less stressful. 

8 Easy Ways to Save Money On Travel This Holiday


Traveling is expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you're an entrepreneur planning to fly home to celebrate Christmas with family or a boomer willing to unwind on a Caribbean cruise, you can make travel affordable. 

Here’s how to make your holidays extra special without breaking the bank!

Plan Your Travel Budget  

Planning your travel budget means:

  • Thinking about your tour destination
  • The number of days you plan to stay there
  • How many family members do you wish to take along

Answering such questions will help you make a rough estimate of the travel costs. Once you determine your ideal destination, days, and family members, it’s time to consider the leisure expenses. 

Which restaurants and sites do you plan to visit? Do you have your car, or do you plan to rent one? Also, which hotel do you plan to stay in? 

Once you’re certain about your plans, you can calculate the amount. Then, consider your monthly budget and see what you can do to save for long-awaited travel.

Pack Light 

Packing light is always a great idea to avoid checked bag fees. However, its perks extend beyond that. 

For instance, those carrying light luggage can get around easily. For instance, you can take public transport instead of renting a taxi when traveling with a light suitcase. 

But this begs the question, “How to pack light?” 

We recommend picking clothes that you can easily mix and match. Choose a few essential items that get along with any outfit. This will help you avoid cramming 5 shoe pairs or 6 jeans in your bag. 

Be Flexible About Travel Dates

Avoid setting a fixed travel date in your head. This would likely keep you from benefiting from cheap flights. For instance, a few people recommend booking early because ticket prices surge during the peak holiday season. 

Others believe a few travel days are more affordable than others. 

Thin flight schedules, jet fuel prices, and rising travel demand have considerably increased airfare prices. So, why not think smart and consider an alternative? 

According to Forbes, travelers can save up to $300 by expanding their trips because it will keep them from flying on high-volume travel days. 

Also, note that Saturday and Sunday would be the most expensive days to return home. So, avoid returning on weekends at all costs. Forbes insights also highlight that returning on Tuesday or Wednesday - a week after Thanksgiving can save you around $270 per ticket. 

Make sure you consider these factors to minimize overall travel costs.

Consider Alternate Travel Modes 

33% of people plan to travel by air and 68% by car this year. 

Although driving and flying are popular travel methods, you can consider affordable alternatives to cut costs. 

This will keep you from investing in airfare and gas. We recommend taking a train as it's cheaper than the former options. Traveling via train also has additional perks. For instance, children love touring on trains - anything that adds to their fun makes parents happy.

Besides, it saves you time because you do not have to go through extensive security procedures, unlike in an airport. 

Finally, it is an affordable travel option. For instance, traveling from New York to Boston won’t cost you more than $32. However, the precise price depends on the train you choose.

Look for Credit Card Free Night Certificates 

A few hotel credit cards offer free night certificates for hotels. If your hotel room’s value exceeds the card’s annual fee, it makes sense how these cards can help you save money with a free night stay. 

Also, besides the free stay, these cards have additional pros attached to them. This may include Elite Status, which makes your trips even more enjoyable. A few also offer bonus points, making your future stays free or at least affordable. 

Ditch Renting a Car 

Renting a car feels tempting, especially when traveling with kids. However, getting one would only add to your expenses. Therefore, we suggest using public transportation within your holiday destination. 

Besides, if you’re in a new city, there’s no better way to explore it than by walking. It will save you a fortune that you may otherwise spend on taxis. Also, consider booking the nearest hotel if you plan to visit a specific site or shopping center. 

So even if you opt for public transportation, you’ll pay the least from your pocket. 

Purchase a Travel Insurance Policy 

Unexpected events are beyond our control. What is in our control, however, is taking steps to minimize unpleasant circumstances that may affect our travel plans. 

Therefore, it’s best to consider a reliable travel insurance policy when planning your special trip this holiday season. Not only will it compensate you for eligible medical costs that you may incur during travel, but it also offers benefits which reimburse in the event of a travel delay, trip interruption, and even trip cancellation. The AXA Travel Protection Platinum plan even offers a Cancel for Any Reason benefit that will reimburse you up to 75% of insured trip cost. 

What’s more, it also includes a benefit which covers you in case of lost or stolen eligible personal effects - AKA your luggage. 

Since economic uncertainty and inflation have already made travel expensive, we recommend taking preventive measures where possible. 

Holiday travel doesn’t have to burn a hole in your pocket. Although inflation and costly holiday airfare discourage many travelers, smart planning can help you save money and make endless memories with your loved ones. 

Packing light, choosing alternate travel modes, being open to modifying travel dates, and getting a travel protection plan can help you minimize travel expenses. 

This will help ease stress and let you shop more, travel more, try delectable cuisines from around the globe, and make your holidays even more exciting.

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