Tips to keep traveling despite the expenses

Tips to Keep Traveling Despite the Expenses

No matter what time of year, it is never too late to start planning your next travel destination.

 The key to having a good trip is planning and budgeting. Below are some tips that can help you if traveling on a limited budget.

  • BUDGET: One question to ask is “How much can I afford for a trip?” It is best to set yourself a budget. Once your budget is set, you can determine your destination as well as your lodging, food, and entertainment choices.
  • MONTHLY SAVINGS: Having a travel goal is always a good incentive in starting a monthly savings plan. Take advantage of technology and download apps that can help with organizing your finances. There are several apps on the Internet that can help you with achieving your goals.
  • TRAVEL IN LOW SEASON: Traveling in low tourist months is economical because fewer people are traveling. The prices are more accessible resulting in more promotions and discounts. Technology can also be of benefit because you can use applications or websites to calculate which days will be the cheapest to travel to certain destinations and cost trends.
  • TIPS: January is a low travel month for most destinations as people are returning from December vacations.  Look for promotional discount programs with airlines, travel agencies and hotels.
  • GO LOCAL: Try out local restaurants, coffee shops, or bakeries instead of restaurant chains or franchises.
  • TRANSPORTATION: Transportation can be a complicated and expensive issue. Local transportation is usually the most economical and efficient.  By taking the time to research your route and giving yourself enough time to travel, you may be able to reach your destination(s)  at a lower cost.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT LUGGAGE: Taking several changes of clothes can be quite tempting and expensive but if you want to reduce expenses and also travel much more comfortably, one solution may be to travel with a small carry-on luggage. The point is to organize yourself well enough to find out what the weather will be like and the type of activities you will be participating in so that you do not over pack.
  • DISCOUNTS: If you carefully search, you will surely find offers from different travel, hotel, and restaurant websites. In most destinations, you can find brochures at hotels and restaurants that also provide some kind of discount. If you are planning to visit museums, do not forget to check if they have student, child, senior discounts or promotional events.
  • USE YOUR POINTS: Many times we know that our credit cards accumulate some type of points but we never check on it resulting in us losing out on discounts! Investigate if you are a member of a loyalty program and see how you can accumulate points, where later you can possibly exchange for airline tickets or other accommodations depending on the program.
    Traveling is an enriching experience. It is an excuse to challenge yourself by getting out of your usual routine, meeting new people, trying new activities, smelling and tasting foods unlike anything you've ever known before.


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