Why You Need to Rethink Your Post-Pandemic Holiday Plans

Why You Need to Rethink Your Post-Pandemic Holiday Plans

You may assume nothing can stop you from traveling this holiday season. Flights are open, pandemic restrictions have been uplifted, and you’re free to book a ticket and indulge in your most-awaited holiday travel.  

So, while the pandemic might not stand in the way of your holiday plans, surging prices due to inflation might. 

A review shows that out of 43% of US citizens planning to travel this holiday season, 8 in 10 are altering their plans due to skyrocketing prices and inflation. 

We won’t encourage you to cancel your awaited tours, but you can always rethink your plans to keep pace with the rising inflation. 

What’s the Fuss About?


You aren’t at fault if your holiday plans go awry. 

Airlines have fewer employees than they had pre-pandemic and a shortage of road vehicles has spiked rental car prices. It goes without saying that the pandemic is the culprit of the turbulence today. 

It All Started With the Surge In Demand 

Despite the rising plane ticket prices, travel is increasing this year. Because the pandemic kept people from traveling and many delayed trips for safety purposes, people are considering “Revenge Travel.” 

That’s right, an article published on the National Public Radio website highlights that vacation-starved Americans seek to make up for the lost time during the pandemic. 

Reports show that American travel to Europe will rise 600% from the past year. In fact, the sharp uptrend isn’t restricted to Europe. Simply put, people plan to travel to other places too. 

As a result, airlines will struggle to keep up with the rising demand. 

More Demand Led to Short Staffing

Although airlines got $54 billion in federal assistance during the peak pandemic to prevent unexpected layoffs, they have few employees. This is typically due to early retirement packages to reduce staff and cut costs. 

But the question is, why should you care? 

A staffing shortage short staff creates operational problems, primarily due to bad weather, sick employees, and understaffed air traffic control centers. This leads to delayed or canceled flights

Then There’s the Notorious Inflation 

The mismatch in the demand and supply of goods led to inflation during the pandemic. In fact, studies show that inflation continues to rise in the US after hitting a 4-year high at the beginning of 2022. 

Why that should be your concern as a traveler is the increasing airline ticket prices. The Consumer Price Index shows that airline ticket prices have surged by 25% between August 2021 to August this year. 

Therefore, you must figure out your expenses and change your plans to avoid breaking the bank. 

Rethink Your Holiday Plans

You cannot do much to change the rising inflation or reduce air ticket prices. However, rethinking your current holiday plans would make up for an affordable trip. Here are a few tips to help you. 

Look for Discounts and Deals Where Possible 

You do not necessarily need to purchase airline tickets and book rental cars at the original price. Seek discounts like you do during online shopping. 

Although you’ll encounter high prices almost everywhere, a few airlines would be willing to offer discounts to cater to customer needs. In fact, if you didn’t plan a particular destination, allow the hotels and flight deals to guide you. 

Keep an eye on the cheapest days to fly out and use flight pricing search engines to find affordable rates. 

Take Advantage of Credit Card Reward Perks 

Taking high-interest credit-card balances is never a good idea. However, if you are financially stable and can take the debt responsibly, consider getting a new credit card with a signup bonus or cash back. 

You’ll find numerous good deals to keep things afloat in an era of inflation. 

Book Early 

Booking flights early flights won’t only benefit your pocket but also keep you from trip delays and cancelations. We’re all aware that flights are slightly more expensive during the holiday season. 

Therefore, avoid last minute travel and book early to take advantage of affordable travel deals. You’ll have enough time to track the best price and determine your finances before the trip. 

Travel Nationally

Traveling doesn’t always have to be international. Fret not if you cannot afford to visit your dream destination this holiday season. 

Because this year is about embracing post-pandemic holidays, you can do so nationally. Consider traveling within the US and book an affordable hotel to enjoy your holidays without burdening.

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