Tips for taking better pictures on your next trip

Tips for Taking Better Pictures on your Next Trip

Thanks to technology and smartphones, it is no longer necessary to bring photography equipment  if you want to take semi-professional photographs on your trip. Currently many people who travel only use their smartphones to record and photograph all of their adventures.

We have listed below some useful photography tips to help you in taking memorable photos.


Minimalist photography is a simple style of taking photos. It allows the photographer to take beautiful photos using simple subjects. Examples of minimalist photographs includes an image of a plant, an animal or a person doing a specific action. The objective is to highlight the small detail within the image that is perceived to be much larger. 


Symmetrical photography is achieved when 2 parts of your photo mirror each other.  For example, if you took a picture of a building and fold it down the middle, if both halves are identical the photo is considered symmetrical.

A simple photograph of fruit, flowers or a landscape are other good examples, because they all have an angle that when arranged symmetrically can give us an almost perfect photograph. Symmetrical photography takes a minimalist approach, because it also highlights beauty in the simplest way. [1]


Give a little life and dynamism to your photographs by capturing movement [2]. How would you achieve that? Simple, with actions such as basic as jumping, walking or turning around while taking the picture. Many smartphones have a shutter camera feature which for set amount of time allows the user to take multiple pictures. This allows you take several pictures at different angles and will show different types of movement.


Learning to take advantage of lighting can help to create beautiful photographs. Try to use different elements of light such as sunrises, sunsets, city lights, etc.

Photography is a world of its own and only by experimenting with different types of angles, lighting, and motion, you are bound to produce beautiful photos.

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