Tips for traveling with children

Tips for Traveling with Children

Children are one of the best things that can happen to us, but traveling with the little ones can be a challenge. At AXA, we want to provide you with a few tips on how to make your trip a pleasant one for all your family members. Do not despair; a few basic adjustments can turn a stressful journey into quality family time:

Choosing the Right Flight Time


Is it a common misconception that traveling during the daytime is best for kids. When traveling with children from infants to toddlers we must keep in mind that they tend to follow their routines, this brings them comfort and consistency. Therefore, taking an overnight flight would be the best option. Your children will likely  spend the entire journey asleep.

Ear Protection


If you are traveling with small children under the age of two, there will be no easy way of explaining what the pain due to pressure in their ears is. That is why we advise parents always keep a bottle at hand filled with juice or milk. If the child is still breastfeeding, start right before takeoff and landing if they are awake. Drinking liquids will help equalize the pressure in their ears and lessen the discomfort.



If you were not able to take an overnight flight, keep in mind that children tend to get bored very easily so do not forget to bring your little one's favorite toy, coloring books or their favorite movie downloaded to a tablet or mobile device. If you carry the things you know your child likes, they are less likely to have a  tantrum on the plane.

The Seats


We suggest that when given the option; book the first available seats in the aircraft. This will save you the hassle of having to carry your kids all the way to the back of the plane and you will also be closer to the lavoratory. Another trick would be to reserve the window and aisle seats as you will be less likely to have someone booked in-between; unless it is a sold out flight in which case you can always ask to switch.



Always dress the children in their most comfortable clothes and remember to carry extra clothes with you in case of spills or accidents.  Another good idea would be to pack your child’s favorite blanket to add extra comfort. If you forget, no worries, just ask your flight attendant, they usually keep extra blankets for use during your flight.



Most flights provide pretzels and peanuts on short flights while longer flights may provide a small meal or snacks. However, this is not always guaranteed, to avoid a tantrum, we suggest bringing with you some of your child’s favorite snacks that are not liquid.

We hope you find these tips useful if you are planning a future trip. At AXA, we offer Travel Protection Plans with many coverages to help take care of you and your family during your travels. As always, do not forget to take out your travel protection plan We wish you an excellent trip!

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