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Essential Steps to Take When Something Goes Wrong with Your Insured Property

Nobody wants to think about it, but accidents happen. Your possessions could get lost, stolen, or damaged. That is where AXA Travel Protection comes in, but there are a few things you need to do to make sure you are covered. Let us break down the process.


Step 1: Letting the Right People Know

If your loss or damage happened during travel or someone else might be responsible, it is a good idea to let the respective authorities know. This includes the carrier (like an airline or bus company), the travel supplier (like a hotel) or even the property manager.


Step 2: Taking Immediate Action

Once you have contacted the respective authorities, the next thing you should try to do is protect and secure your property from further damage or loss.


Step 3: Notifying AXA

Once you have informed the respective authorities and taken preventative steps with your insured property – whether it is your gadgets, jewelry, or anything else covered by your travel insurance plan – it's time to contact your AXA travel representative.
They need to know what happened to start helping you.


Step 4: In Case of Robbery or Theft

If your property was stolen or if there was a robbery, it is essential to let the police or other authorities know within 24 hours. This might feel like a hassle, but it is a necessary step. They will create a report about what happened, and you will want to give a copy of that report to your AXA representative.


Step 5: Follow the Investigation Process

In situations involving theft or robbery, local authorities might want you to do certain things to help with their investigation. It is crucial to follow their instructions and complete all the necessary steps. This will assist in finding out what happened and support your insurance claim process.


Why These Steps Matter

You might be wondering why you need to go through all these steps. Well, it is about making sure you get the help you need. By following these steps, you are helping yourself and the AXA representative sort things out quickly and smoothly.


In a Nutshell:

When something goes wrong with your insured property, do not panic! Just remember these steps:

  • Inform the right people
  • Secure your stuff
  • Let an AXA travel representative know
  • Report to the authorities if needed and cooperate with the investigation

It might sound like some work, but it is all about getting the dedicated support you require.

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