What to do in case my luggage is stolen?

What to do if my luggage is lost| AXA Travel insurance

Yes, unfortunately luggage theft is not as uncommon as we would like, as this problem is one of the most feared scenarios by travelers all over the world. [1]According to a 2018 study performed by the International Society of Aeronautical Telecommunications (SIAT), 6 out of every 1000 passengers reported a baggage loss or theft.

And while it's true that most cases occur more on connecting trips, the reality is that none of us are exempt from suffering this annoying problem on a local or international trip.

Below are some steps you can take in the event your luggage is stolen:

LOST ITEMS OFFICE:  Advise the airline representative immediately that you have lost your baggage. The representative will provide you with a Baggage Loss form in which you will need to provide essential information such as: 

  • Your first and last name
  • Your flight number and date of flight
  • The number of lost or damaged luggage.
  • Description of the lost items

Depending on your airline carrier, additional information may be requested.

CONTACT AXA: Now that you've completed the first step, the second is much easier; contact us at 855-327-1442 to report your lost baggage claim and our customer service agents will assist you with your claim and any related questions you may have.

At AXA Assistance USA, Inc. (“AXA”) all of our travel protection plans include a loss or theft of Baggage/Personal Effects benefit.

Don't hesitate, always travel protected with the security that only AXA can give you.

[1] https://www.sita.aero/resources/type/surveys-reports/baggage-report-2018

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