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24 hour assistance
Designed to fulfill various leisure and entertainment requests as well as travel related services. Call our concierge services prior to departing for advice on planning your trip or for any last minute recommendations or reservations.   More
best travel insurance
For the 10th consecutive year, we are number one. INTERBRAND has once again ranked AXA as the #1 Global Insurance Brand. It’s a great achievement for our AXA colleagues all across the world.   More
AXA offers travel insurance plans in conjunction with travel assistance services to not only help compensate for your covered loss but also to provide support during and after your loss.   Get a QUOTE


Emergency Medical
We provide coverage for emergency medical expenses resulting from an accidental injury or illness while traveling as well as emergency medical evacuation and repatriation
Trip Cancellation
We will reimburse you up to the Maximum of your insured trip cost for cancellation costs incurred due to an unforeseen event including illness and inclement weather
Travel Inconvenience
We’ve got you covered, trip delay, missed connection, and in the event your luggage is lost or damaged, including delay by the carrier after a designated time period
Emergency Evacuation
Provides coverage for medically necessary evacuations and repatriation as directed by a physician to the nearest adequate medical facility or your home.
"I want to thank you very much for the very prompt assistance and all the help you gave to us a week or two ago. You kindly sent my wife's medical records and processed them quickly in your office and contacted the hospital in Lima and you did it very promptly. IT WAS A GREAT HELP, you do not know... what sort of stress and worry you relieved us from
- A Platinum Policy Holder
I contacted AXA Assistance to get us home from San Francisco to Dallas and the results were amazing. I just wanted to express my sincere thanks. The kindness of the representatives were amazing. Within a few hours of AXA obtaining and requesting information, we had return flights and my husband had the business class seat he needed in order to manage the long flight
- A Grateful Wife
... Services were the most profoundly professional, wonderfully caring and flawlessly executed that we have ever encountered in our ENTIRE lives. Our heartfelt thanks go out to all in your organization who participated in the endeavor. AGAIN... Our most sincere appreciation for the part you and your team played in SAVING MY WIFE'S LIFE!
- A Sincere Husband
Solo Travel
Worried about traveling alone? You don’t have to be. Solo travel has the potential to be the most adventurous and fulfilling type of travel - if you make the most of it. Just think: you don’t have to check...   More
reasons Travel Insurance
We live in a society where we think we are free of accidents, because of course, why would anything happen to us? But life is unpredictable and accidents can happen when we least expect them   Read More
Imagine you have spent months saving, researching, planning and above all, buying everything in advance to live a dream vacation, when suddenly you arrive at the airport and you are told that your flight is " overbooked ".   Read More

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