10 Reasons to Have a Trip Protection Plan

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Why is travel insurance important?


We live in a society where we think we are free of accidents, because of course, why would anything happen to us? But life is unpredictable and accidents can happen when we least expect them.

On many occasions, accidents are caused by a third party, so no matter how careful we are, we cannot be 100% sure that everything will go as planned. This is why having a trip protection plan is a good idea in case we experience a setback during our adventure.

Reason number one:

Airlines aren't predictable, we can always find ourselves dealing with a mechanical issue or a weather delay. AXA’s trip protection plans can provide reimbursement for covered expenses in the event your travel is delayed due to a defined hazard.

Reason number two:

What is indispensable on our trip and is always the most affected? Simple, our luggage. AXA’s trip protection plans cannot guarantee that your luggage will arrive undamaged but they can help give you the peace of mind knowing that you have coverage that may help cover certain expenses if the airline or common carrier does not return your luggage in the same condition.

Reason number three and four:

You finally booked that trip to the Caribbean and fell asleep on the beach while tanning, but you forgot the sunscreen at home. 4 hours later, in the blazing Caribbean sun, you wake up from your nap with 3rd-degree burns. AXA’s plans provide medical expense coverage that may help if such events occur during your trip. Or, if you were to experience an acute life-threatening emergency, AXA’s trip protection plans also provide emergency medical evacuation coverage that may pay for transportation costs to help get you to a hospital where you can receive the care you need.

Reason number five:

We never know what can happen back home while we are on our adventure. Having a trip protection plan can provide reimbursement for your return flight home in the event of a covered incident that forces you to interrupt your trip.

Reason number six:

Without medical coverage, receiving medical care in certain countries may be a challenge and payment may be required upfront! When traveling to countries such as Russia or Turkey, it is a good idea to have a travel protection plan in the event you require medical treatment. You can check the U.S. Department of State website at https://travel.state.gov to see if they suggest purchasing supplemental coverage for travel to a country on your itinerary.

Reason number seven:

You have to have a last-minute surgery, a relative unfortunately passed away, the airline you are scheduled to travel on is on strike; you are not exempt from having unforeseen events arise that can cause you to have to cancel your trip. Purchasing a trip protection plan in advance can help ensure that you have coverage if you have to cancel your trip due to a covered event.

Reason number eight:

We traveled to England and driving was not as simple as we expected. If every day, people who drive are subject to car accidents, imagine driving in a foreign country, with different rules, streets and even a different steering wheel! AXA’s optional benefit of car collision damage provides coverage in case you are involved in a car accident while driving in a foreign country.

Reason number nine:

Whether you are traveling with children or on your own, you never know when you may need medical assistance. According to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control¹, in most European countries, you must first visit a doctor’s office before you can purchase an antibiotic. AXA’s trip protection plans include non-insurance assistance services which will help refer you to local medical providers and pharmacies.

Reason number ten:

TRANQUILLITY 24/7, 365 DAYS A YEAR. Your trip protection plan has a non-insurance concierge service, which can provide assistance when you need to clarify doubts or help you in a dilemma that you may have during your trip. Including any last minute recommendations while traveling.

It is true, on many occasions, nothing will happen, but accidents can happen. So help get prepared for the unexpected. Thousands of bloggers and travelers around the world recommend traveling with insurance, so what are you waiting for? GET A QUOTE TODAY!


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