Collision Damage Waiver Benefits

Collision Damage Waiver Benefits

Collision Damage Waiver Benefits


What is a Collision Damage Waiver?

Rental Car Damage is an optional benefit offered to protect vehicle renters from financial responsibility in case of damage or loss to the rental vehicle. Rental Car Damage benefit typically covers collision damage, theft, and vandalism, and reduces the renter's financial responsibility for these costs.

Is the Rental Car Damage benefit necessary?

Rental Car Damage benefit can offer valuable protection for rental car damages, including collisions, theft, and vandalism, by reducing or eliminating the renter's financial responsibility for these costs.

What does Collision Damage protect against?

Rental Car Damage provides coverage for damages to a rental car caused by:
•    Fire
•    Hail
•    Theft
•    Flood
•    Collision
•    Vandalism
•    Windstorms
•    Causes not within your control while in your possession
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What type of benefits are provided?

If the rental vehicle becomes damaged due to the reasons above, you could be reimbursed for:
  • The cost of repairs and rental charges imposed by the rental company while the car is being repaired
  • The actual cash value of the car
  • The maximum benefit based on travel plan (Gold & Platinum)


Maximum Benefit: $35,000


Maximum Benefit: $50,000

This is an optional benefit for both Gold and Platinum policyholders.


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Rental Car Damage Benefit FAQs


What are the exclusions to Rental Car Damage benefits? 

  • Any obligation you assume under any agreement (except insurance collision deductible);
  • Rentals of trucks, campers, trailers, off-road or four-wheel drive vehicles, motorbikes, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, or exotic vehicles;
  • Any loss that occurs if you violate the rental agreement
  • Failure to report the loss to the proper local authorities and the rental car company, and 
  • Damage to any other vehicle, structure, or person because of a covered loss
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Who is covered under the Rental Car Damage benefit?

The insured must be a licensed driver listed on the rental car agreement for coverages to apply.


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Disclaimer: It is important to note that the specifics of CDW will depend on date the of purchase, and state of residency. Customers are advised to carefully review the terms and conditions of their policy, and to contact AXA Partners with any questions or concerns they may have.