Lost Skier Days

Lost Skier Days

Lost Skier Days

Ensuring Your Skiing Fun: Coverage for Unforeseen Ski Trip Interruptions 

When planning a skiing adventure, unexpected events can sometimes disrupt your plans. This article clarifies the details of optional coverage that can offer reimbursement for pre-paid ski tickets in case you cannot ski for specific reasons during your trip. 

Reimbursement for Missed Ski Days 

Picture this: you are all set for a thrilling ski trip, but circumstances prevent you from hitting the slopes. This coverage offers reimbursement to help recover some of the costs associated with pre-paid ski tickets that you or your traveling companion cannot use on certain days during your trip. 

Key Points to Understand 

  1. Coverage Period: This coverage is for skiing scheduled between December 1 and March 31. 
  2. Start of Coverage: The coverage kicks in when you or your traveling companion arrive at the ski resort or acquire a valid ski lift ticket, whichever happens first. 
  3. Minimum Trails Requirement: To be eligible, there should be a minimum of ten open trails at the resort when you arrive. 
  4. Reasons for Inability to Ski: If you cannot ski due to at least 50% of the trails at the resort being closed for eight consecutive hours because of insufficient snow or stormy weather, you may be eligible for benefits. 
  5. Multiple Ski Resorts: If your ski ticket is valid for multiple resorts within a 50-mile radius and one is not facing the same trail closures, no benefits are provided for that day's inability to ski. 
  6. Partial Ski Days: If you use a ski ticket that covers two to five consecutive days and misses a day, the benefit you receive will be proportional to the value of that ski day. 
  7.  Exceptions: This coverage does not apply to season passes, lift tickets for six or more days, or night skiing. 

Qualifying for Benefits 

To be eligible for benefits, you must provide copies of your pre-paid ski lift ticket receipts and a report from the resort. This report should include the date, time, duration, percentage of closed trails and the reason for the trail closures. 


Skiing is a thrilling winter activity, but unexpected circumstances can sometimes disrupt your plans. Coverage like this helps ease the financial burden of missed ski days for specific reasons. Remember to keep your receipts and gather the necessary reports to ensure a smooth claims process if the need arises. Always review the terms of the coverage to understand the benefits and conditions it offers.