Lost Golf Rounds

Lost Golf Rounds

Lost Golf Rounds

Golfers' Insurance: Reimbursement for Lost Rounds 

Golf enthusiasts, have you ever scheduled tee time only for Mother Nature to rain on your parade? Has the golf course ever temporarily closed due to bad weather, and you cannot complete your round? Fortunately, AXA Travel Protection will have you hitting the green with confidence. 

Reimbursing Your Lost Golf Rounds 

Here is the deal: We can reimburse you for the value of your pre-paid golf tickets or greens fees if you cannot complete nine holes out of an eighteen-hole course on a golf day that goes south due to course closure. 

Conditions for Reimbursement 

(a) Advanced Reservation: You must have made a confirmed reservation and paid a deposit 48 hours ( 2 days) before your tee time. In other words, you must do more than just show up and expect a refund. 

(b) Weather Delay: The golf course must temporarily close because of bad weather, which results in you being unable to play for at least three hours. If the weather takes a turn for the worse and you cannot play, you might be eligible for reimbursement. 

(c) No Refunds or Credits: The golf course management does not offer you a refund or credit for the lost round. If they do, you can also not double dip by claiming from your travel insurance. 

(d) No Delays Caused by You: You and your golfing friends must not be responsible for any delays by arriving late or taking forever to start your round. 

(e) Warm Weather: Your reservation must be during your trip, and the date should have historically seen temperatures above 60°F (15°C) at noon, within 20 miles of the course. This condition ensures that you are not trying to claim compensation for playing in freezing conditions. 

*All conditions must be met for reimbursement to apply 


Pro-Rated Value for Package Deals 

If you have purchased a package of multiple golf rounds and one gets ruined due to bad weather, your insurance will calculate the value of the lost game proportionally. In other words, you may be refunded for the one round that went south. 

Documentation is Key 

To qualify for this benefit, you will need to provide both documents: 

1.) A copy of your pre-paid golf reservation and receipt
2.) A report from the resort or golf course management stating the date, time, duration, and reason for the closure

In a Nutshell  

If you have planned a day of golf, pre-paid for it, and stormy weather or a course closure ruins your plans, this benefit can help you get your money back up to a specific limit. Just follow the rules, keep your documents in order and remember that it will not cover delays caused by you or refunds offered by the golf course.