When Should I Buy Travel Insurance?

Even the best-laid travel plans can encounter unexpected bumps, whether for business or pleasure. Minor issues like flight delays or lost baggage can damage our trips. Or worse: we have significant problems— like medical emergencies, severe weather disruptions, or having to cancel unexpectedly due to illness— which are even more stressful.  

Don't leave your travel dollars at risk — make sure you're protected! Purchasing travel insurance is an easy way to cover your travel plans. This guide will examine what travel insurance means for you and the suggested time to get one! 

How Does Travel Insurance Work? 

Imagine this: Sarah Denver's sudden illness just before departing almost ruined her dream trip to Italy. A week before her international vacation, Sarah came down with pneumonia. Without travel insurance, canceling the thousands spent on non-refundable flights and hotel reservations would have been financially devastating. Luckily, Sarah had purchased an online travel insurance policy early in her planning. It reimbursed her entire trip cost since illness is a reason for covered cancellation.  

Travel insurance offers coverage against huge losses from unexpected disruptions to your travel plans. All travel— whether it’s domestically or abroad— involves numerous non-refundable reservation fees and activities. Issues like weather lost luggage, or medical emergencies could prove financially ruinous without insurance coverage. A low-cost policy can shield you from travel against unforeseen circumstances.  

When Should You Buy Travel Insurance? 

Ideally, you want to purchase your plan as soon as possible, but we know that isn’t always the case. It's better to act sooner rather than later to get coverage for any upcoming trips. The closer you get to your travel dates, the fewer options there may be available if a medical issue comes up. Timely travel insurance allows you to relax and enjoy your trips knowing you're protected in case the unexpected occurs, like flight cancellations, lost luggage or emergencies abroad. 



When Booking Your Trip 

The optimal time to buy travel insurance is immediately after booking your flight. As the first major travel expense you'll incur, ensuring your flight protects you in case you need to cancel early in the planning process.  

Most experts recommend purchasing travel insurance within 14 - 21 days of making your initial trip payment or reservation. Why so soon? Well, you'll want protection if you need to cancel your plans early on for any unexpected and covered reason. 

Within 2 - 3 Weeks of First Payment 

Purchasing a travel insurance policy within the first 14 - 21 days of making your first payment or deposit for a trip maximizes your eligibility for other coverage, like approval for preexisting medical conditions.  

Before Possible Cancellation 

Unforeseen circumstances like illness, injuries, or family emergencies sometimes require canceling or changing travel plans at the last minute. With travel insurance in place right before a possible cancellation for reasons outside of your control, you can qualify for reimbursement on your deposits.  

AXA Travel Protection plans provide coverage for trip cancellation or curtailment due to unforeseen events outside of your control. Our Cancellation & Curtailment benefit can reimburse non-refundable deposits, payments and reasonable extra travel costs if a trip needs to be canceled or cut short due to a covered reason. 

Over Holiday Seasons 

Busy travel periods during holidays see an increased likelihood of travel disruptions, primarily due to severe weather. Purchasing a AXA Travel Protection Plan provides coverage for delays, cancellations or curtailments due to unforeseen weather events. This plan reimburses additional travel costs, honors prepaid bookings, and protects holiday vacation budgets from losses due to weather-related trip interruptions outside of your control. 

What Does Travel Insurance Cover? 

Travel insurance has aspects that they cover, and this coverage closely bounds the benefits. Our travel protection plans cover your trip interruptions, cancellations, and missed trips.  
Here are some in-depth details about the coverage areas. 

Trip Cancellation: AXA Trip Cancellation helps to reimburse you as a traveler when your trip gets canceled due to unforeseen circumstances.  

Trip Interruptions: AXA Trip Interruption coverage helps with delays before or during your trip due to unforeseen events or situations. 

Trip Delay: AXA Trip Delay coverage helps when your trip gets pushed back due to unforeseen situations. Regardless of whether it is weather or other related issues, we cover them. 

What Exclusions Should I Be Aware of?  

AXA Travel Protection actively offers coverage for numerous issues but excludes certain situations and activities from coverage. Travelers need to understand what types of losses or expenses travel insurance does not actively cover. This plan actively excludes several situations from coverage, including but not limited to: 

  • Taking part in professional sports 
  • Motorized activities like driving or racing, unless specified as covered 
  • Self-inflicted harm, illegal acts, drug/alcohol abuse, or taking unnecessary risks 
  • Costs beyond trip interruption/cancellation expenses, like replacing lost keys 

Can I Add Options to a Plan After I Buy It But Before My Trip Begins? 

Yes! You can modify your AXA Travel Protection plan before your trip if you have yet to depart or file a claim. Common changes include adding winter sports coverage or Cancel for Any Reason with our Platinum plan. As long as it is a day before your scheduled departure date, you can contact AXA through our website to check eligibility and make alterations to customize your travel insurance coverage as needed. 

Can I Modify My Plan After My Trip Begins?  

Modifying existing travel protection plans is only allowed before your trip starts. Once travel is underway, you can no longer change dates, costs, or other coverage details. 

How Many People Are Covered Under One Plan? 

AXA Travel Protection offers three packages, Silver, Gold, and Platinum, each range in coverage limits and Platinum offers additional optional coverage.  
Each plan can cover up to 10 people, but we recommend Gold and Platinum for families as these plans offer higher coverage limits compared to Silver.  

How Much Time Do I Have To File A Claim? 

You must contact AXA Travel Insurance of any incident or event that may lead to a claim under the policy within 31 days of when it occurred or as soon as is reasonably possible. You make the claim directly to the claims department to validate your coverage.  

What Documentation Do I Need To Present To Support A Claim? 

The documentation you need depends on your specific travel insurance plan and will vary depending on the type of claim. You may also be required to provide medical certificates, photographs, receipts, or other supporting evidence. We advise you to retain your property or items related to the claim until we finalize it. If you have also purchased travel insurance with us at AXA, you can head to our "File a Claim" page to get the necessary forms. Note that they are for the gold, silver, and platinum packages. 

AXA Assistance cannot guarantee the availability of assistance services everywhere or under all conditions, as there may be times when circumstances beyond AXA’s control hinder its endeavors to provide services. 

The insurance benefits in the Silver, Gold and Platinum plans are underwritten by Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company and affiliated companies including Nationwide Life Insurance Company, Columbus, Ohio. Benefits are administered by AXA Assistance USA, Inc. (in California, doing business as AXA Assistance Insurance Services, License Number 0H74893). Non-insurance assistance services are provided by AXA Assistance USA, Inc. and are not underwritten by Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company. 


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