Sports Equipment Rental for Lost, Stolen, delayed equipment

AXA Travel Insurance: Keeping Your Adventures Thrilling, Even When Equipment Plays Hide and Seek!

Adventurers, outdoor enthusiasts, and sports fans listen up! AXA Travel Protection has your back, ensuring that your trip can still be a home run even when life throws you a curveball with lost, stolen, damaged or delayed sports equipment.


Reimbursing Your Rental Sports Equipment Costs

If your sport equipment is lost, stolen, damaged or delayed, AXA Travel Protection offers coverage that can reimburse you for the reasonable cost of renting sports equipment during your trip. But wait, there are some key points to understand:


Conditions for Reimbursement

  1. AXA steps in when your checked sports equipment, belonging to you or your traveling companion, meets an unfortunate fate: it's lost, stolen, damaged or delayed by a common carrier for at least 12 hours.
  2. Common Carrier Verification: To make a claim, the Common Carrier you were traveling with must verify your delay or misdirection. They need to provide certification of the incident.
  3. Keep Your Receipts: Whenever you need to rent replacement sports equipment and plan to claim the cost, keep the receipts for these purchases. They are crucial for a smooth claims process.


Why This Matters

Picture this: You are on a ski trip of a lifetime, and your beloved snowboard is nowhere to be found after your flight. Or you are an avid golfer, and your clubs are damaged during transport. These scenarios can quickly turn a dream vacation into an inconvenience. With AXA Travel Protection, you will not have to fret. You can still enjoy your chosen activities without the added stress of equipment mishaps.


In Conclusion

With AXA Travel Protection, your adventures remain thrilling, no matter what happens to your sports gear. Keep those receipts handy, and if the unexpected occurs, rest assured that AXA has your back. So, plan your next escapade, pack your gear, and make memories - AXA Travel Protection ensures your journey stays unforgettable!

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