How to Choose the Best Cruise Travel Insurance as a Senior

You've built a fulfilling life, crushed your goals, and maybe even raised a wonderful family. Now, with more time on your hands and a thirst for new horizons, cruising seems like the perfect way to savor the golden years of your life.

But before you set sail, let us ensure your dream cruise is protected with the right travel insurance. This guide will help you get the best cruise travel insurance for seniors for a smoother sailing adventure, even if unexpected events arise.

  1. Factors to choose the best cruise insurance for seniors
  2. Consider Your Health
  3. Think about your cruise trip
  4. Find the right medical coverage
  5. Choose your cruise trip protection
  6. Compare Insurance Plans & Prices
  7. Is the Claim Process easy?
  8. Cruise Insurance Limits and Exclusions
  9. FAQs

Top Considerations for Choosing the Best Cruise Travel Insurance for Seniors

Now, to pick the most suitable plan, there are a few key things to keep in mind. First up is health coverage. You want to make sure you're covered for any unexpected medical situations. Then, you must take a closer look at the specifics of your cruise and see what other types of coverage might be helpful. Let's break it down step by step, nice and easy.

1. Get a Pre-Cruise Health Checkup

It is always better to schedule a health checkup with your doctor before your cruise begins.
This will help you:

  • Discuss any pre-existing conditions with your doctor and make sure your chosen travel insurance plan provides adequate coverage for on-board medical needs. 
  • Get an assessment of your current health needs to determine if there are any specific considerations for your cruise. This could involve managing medications efficiently while onboard or discussing seasickness-prevention strategies. 
  • Discuss any concerns you have about traveling and to help ensure you're in optimal health to fully enjoy your cruise adventure. 

2. Think About Your Cruise Trip

Do you love exploring new destinations with thrilling excursions, or prefer a relaxing cruise with plenty of onboard activities? Or perhaps both? Identifying these preferences in advance will help you choose the best cruise travel insurance for seniors.

Another thing to consider is how often you travel. Are you planning on cruising this year and maybe another trip later? Or is this a one-time splurge?

Finally, where in the world is your cruise taking you? Some destinations might have slightly different coverage depending on the travel insurance company. So that’s again something you’ll have to check with your travel insurance provider.


3. Find the Right Medical Coverage

You never know when minor allergies you never minded before could flare up, or a spontaneous dance might leave your back muscles a little achy. So here are a few coverage options that can help guard you against any surprises your health might throw your way.

Medical emergencies are situations we hope to never encounter on a leisure trip. But if it does happen, the costs of medical care, onboard or shore-side, can be astronomical.

Pre-existing conditions mean any medical condition that you might have had 60 days prior to purchasing your cruise travel policy. The good news is, if this applies to you, there are special senior-friendly cruise travel insurance plans with waivers for pre-existing conditions. To qualify for this waiver, you will usually need to purchase your travel insurance plan immediately after, or within a few days of, making the first payment on your cruise.

While most cruise lines have onboard medical centers, they may not be equipped to handle complex medical situations. This coverage offers medical transportation to a more equipped hospital if your medical needs require it.

4. Choose Your Cruise Trip Protection

Choosing the best cruise travel insurance option for seniors requires careful consideration of cruise-related coverages. Here is what to consider:

Choose a policy that offers trip cancellation coverage if you are unable to travel due to health conditions, family emergencies, or other qualified reasons that arise before departure. It could cover your connecting flights, cruise fare, and other non-refundable trip expenses.

If available, Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) can help reimburse your travel costs, even if your cancellation reason falls outside the standard covered reasons.

Compared to airlines, luggage handling is generally smoother. But there is still a chance of delays or lost bags, especially with tight connections, multiple stops, or busy embarkation days.

Consider travel insurance that includes baggage loss and delay coverage. This way, if your suitcase ends up on a tropical vacation of its own, you can be reimbursed for essentials like toiletries and clothes until it arrives. Remember to keep receipts for everything you buy - you'll need them for reimbursement from travel insurance.

Another good tip? Pack a change of clothes, medications, and even a swimsuit in your carry-on to cover you in case of a delay.

Let's not forget those occasional flight delays, especially if you must fly out to the cruise boarding site. Airports can be stressful enough but imagine missing a connection or getting stuck overnight. Flight delay coverage can help ease that tension, generally this coverage offers hotel accommodation, local transportation, and meals if your flight is delayed for a certain amount of time. In addition, some plans provide missed connection coverage to help you get caught up to your cruise should a delayed flight cause you to miss the ship’s departure.

5. Compare Insurance Plans & Prices

Once you have a good understanding of your health needs and trip-related concerns, it's time to look at the actual plans. AXA offers different travel protection plans that are suitable for your cruise trip, such as Silver, Gold, and Platinum. While some might recommend the Gold plan for seniors going on a cruise, the most suitable choice depends on you.

Take a few minutes to think about your specific health concerns, how much medical coverage you would feel comfortable with, and what kind of travel insurance benefits you think would be the most useful to you.

Feel free to contact AXA if anything in the plans seems unclear. The more you understand the senior cruise travel coverage details, the easier it will be to choose a suitable plan for a better travel experience.

Disclosure: Always read the terms and conditions to understand what is covered and what is not covered by your travel insurance policy. This will help you make an informed decision that best suits your travel needs.

6. Is the Claim Process easy?

Look for a plan with a clearly outlined claim filing process. Examine the instructions on how to file a claim on the policy documents or on the insurer’s website. Most insurers offer various claim submission options. For example, AXA allows filing through their online self-service portal or by calling their toll-free number. This flexibility ensures you can choose the method that best suits your needs.

7. Cruise Travel Insurance Limits and Exclusions

Most coverage options, like medical expenses, have a maximum payout amount. While this might be sufficient for minor issues, extensive treatment or medical evacuation could easily surpass the limit. To give another example - not all plans cover pre-existing conditions, and may require additional coverage like Cancel for Any Reason for broader cancellation flexibility.

So, do your homework. Compare coverage limits meticulously to ensure your chosen plan offers adequate protection for your needs, especially if you're a senior traveler. If you have any doubts, don't hesitate to contact a travel insurance specialist for clarification.


1. What should I do if I need to file a claim with my cruise travel insurance?

You may start by contacting your travel insurer. For example, you may contact AXA online or by calling our toll-free number, and they will guide you through the process and required documentation.

2. What if I miss my cruise due to a flight cancellation?

This typically falls under cruise trip cancellation/interruption coverage but verify details with your specific plan. With AXA Travel Protection, all of our plans provide missed connection coverage which can help you catch up with the cruise.

3. Does Medicare cover medical expenses while on a cruise?

Generally, Medicare does not cover medical expenses outside the United States. But travel insurance can help bridge this gap and offer coverage for medical bills incurred onboard.

4. What are some tips for staying healthy on a cruise as a senior?

To stay healthy while on your trip ensure to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the cruise. You should also eat balanced meals, get sufficient sleep, and stay active onboard.

5. Does cruise travel insurance cover additional needs like wheelchairs or medical equipment rentals?

Some plans might offer this coverage under baggage loss coverage, but it's not standard. Check the plan details or contact the provider to confirm.

6. Is cruise travel insurance more expensive for seniors?

Cruise travel insurance premiums often increase with age due to higher potential medical risks. However, comparing plans and getting a personalized quote can help you find an affordable option with adequate coverage.

7. I'm on medication. Will my travel insurance handle the cost of replacing lost or stolen medication?

Generally, travel insurance will not handle the cost of replacing lost/stolen medication.

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